This Place In Kolkata Serves Pizza In A Cone & It’s Crazy!


Perhaps all pizza lovers at some point in their lives must have thought, ”What if pizza came in a different shape or size or way?” Could be square instead of round or is possible to have a pizza ice cream? Well, we don’t know if that’s possible or how weird a pizza ice cream would taste but we certainly know that pizza can come in a cone!

   What:  Cone Pizza
Konetto, 10 Wood Street
 Rs.200 for two

Yes, A pizza cone… umm… cone pizza… conizza… or whatever you want to call it!

Kolkata finally has a place that makes pizza in a cone and it surely is a thing to marvel. Opened right in the heart of the city at Wood Street, Konetto is one of a kind pizzeria that’s making pizzas in a cone with some mouth watering ingredients that will leave any pizza lover in joy.

Konetto, the cone pizza makers, have varieties of both veg and non-veg cone pizza; and they serve some kickass smoothies to wash the pizza down with. Kolkattans have already started flocking to the store to experience this one of a kind pizza experience, and it’s catching up with the younger folks pretty well.

The cone pizzas are light on the pocket and quite filling for the tummy and you can treat yourself with one for as low as Rs. 85. Now that’s a winner there, right?

So have your cone pizza before your Instagram feed is flooded with pictures of cone pizzas.  😉


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