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The Beacon Kolkata
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What can I expect from The Beacon?

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Top notch critical journalism of the mundane and miniscule of Kolkata.

Ok, but what’s special about you guys?

Being entirely driven by a bunch of young self-proclaimed journalists, we bring in a fresh and much needed perspective of the city from the youth’s point of view.

So, you’re just another youth magazine?

Well, we take pride in the fact that we are a team of young guns but our bunch of senior and experienced contributors and mentors bring in the sense of maturity making us much more than ‘just another youth magazine’

Ok, I am mildly interested so where can I get your content from?

Well you’re in wonderland already, all our content is available for under the different sections in our website. We enjoy a healthy subscription base, you can get the awesomeness of Kolkata delivered to your mail box too.

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