Bowl Everyone Over – B You CRICO Refreshment Cup


So, it’s the IPL season and everyone is busy viewing and cheering their favorite teams. While we Kolkatans are eagerly waiting for the first IPL match of this cricket bonanza to be held on the Eden Garden ground, we couldn’t wait any longer and attended a mini IPL match organized by B You in NKDA Cricket Stadium, Rajarhat.

IMG-20170410-WA0004The event was CRICO refreshment cup –which is a corporate-cum-semi-corporate cricket tournament that witnessed 12 teams competing against each other for a prize money of Rs.80000 to the winning team, United Sporting and a sponsored gift to each player of the 1st runners up team.


Where else would you find an intern beating the Boss with pride and the latter accepting defeat with a big broad smile? This situation is not likely to happen on a daily basis with the kind of corporate pressure cooker times that we live in thereby losing a part of ourselves.

IMG-20170410-WA0013This is precisely the reason why we need to loosen up and wash off the social pressure and idea of hierarchy by playing games.

“Most corporates have their own cricket team so when they were approached for this tournament, they were more than welcoming to the idea. We provide them with the opportunity where they can get recognized for their skills without going through the divisional, state levels, etc.” – Tubun Bhattacharjee, of B You.

Crico refreshment cup was not merely a friendly cricket tournament with a gala atmosphere of cricket, blasting music, food stalls, games stalls and much more, but it had a social cause as well.

IMG-20170410-WA0016They aim to provide a platform where food designers and artist that are not so well known to corporates, get to showcase their talent and get employment for the same. Last year, a person who set up a stall in the same event, is now employed in a Michelin star hotel in Kolkata as he was recognized through this event.


Vineet Agarwal, owner of one of the teams who came in at the last moment and etched their names in the semi-finals believed in his team’s unity and strength. While Arijeet, a player from the Bengal Tigers team seemed confident about their victory as they had a good team, “the ambiance with great music and so many people cheering you on, gives a great feeling when you are in the spot light. This year’s organization is at a very good level and it feels good to be a part of such an event.”

About B You

This event management-cum-production company is all about being the best of yourself. Therefore the name B You.


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