Is Bengal the Cultural Capital? Are Our Artists Soaring? Meet The Guy Who’s Been Trying To Find The Answers – Shovon Ray (Mr DYNT)


His series of episodes on ‘Cultural Capital?’ has stirred the city more than he himself imagined. The guy who set out to meet artists in the city 2 years ago has today produced a gem depicting the grass-root problem faced by our artists in todays’ society.

We caught up with Mr DYNT, Shovon Ray as he paid the Beacon Office a visit.

Cultural Capital? Episode 1



Tell us all about the theme of ‘Cultural Capital?’

There is no theme as such. When we started shooting, we didn’t realize what the output would be. We unintentionally ended up with some material and that’s when we got a direction.
It was only after that when we started interviewing people, meeting artists and other personalities. The entire series has been shot across 2 years. After that, it was sorted out genre wise, art wise and on other divisions.
Initially I wanted to make it in the form of a documentary but then we decided to break it down into episodes.


It is evident that a lot of effort has gone into making the various episodes, over a long period of time. What was the driving force that kept you at it all this while?

Well I have always been a very reserved person. But, when I started interviewing people, I realized that I could reach out so much more. The satisfaction of meeting people, knowing something was something which made it all worth it.
More than producing the documentary, it was a self-exploration journey for me, done more for the self-satisfaction than anything else.


Tell us about yourself and your team.

Well, I’m the video editor and luckily I have wonderful friends who help me out with all executions. Abhishek and Debjit being two major supports all throughout.

I love painting too and similarly, I have never sold painting as that too has been about self-satisfaction and self-improvement for me.


It must have been a crazy ride while meeting artists and individuals from varied backgrounds all through the shoots, can you share the experiences of a few such special moments?


Every interview is special. But if I must pick a few then it will have to be the experiences of interviewing Prosenjit and Q. It was a feeling I will always cherish.
It broadened my vision so much more. Some were frustrated, some were simply doing their job. But at the end of the day it all boils down to self-satisfaction, it is about perseverance to keep on going.
The path is lonely, so the struggle is important.


Where do you see this taking you in the near future?

I don’t know man! But at the end of the day I love to do what I do and right now I have to multi-task to keep it going.

Sold Out!


What would you say is the message you are trying to put across?

I’m from Kolkata, I wanted to know the place I grew up in, meet the people I see every day and portray the unadulterated reality

We’re not anti anything, or pro anything.



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