Food and Nostalgia Served at Every Stall- We Went Around Exploring The Eat Street at Dacres Lane, Kolkata


As we’ve mentioned before, Bongs love to eat, if there’s anything they value more than their adda, it is their food. However, you’d think that in the busy work riddled day, where do they get time to stop and enjoy their time off. To answer this question, we went to one of the popular office areas of our city, Chowringhee. Here we explored the narrow Dacres lane Kolkata that houses the marriage of two things that Bongs absolutely love – food and adda.


Around the corner of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry building, this street – Dacres lane Kolkata, serves as the office goers’ food paradise of that area and the enthusiasts alike.


Here, you can expect to be seated along with the hundreds of common folk that come here during their lunch hour. You won’t necessarily find a menu as the customers just know what is available; it is a culture that has been passed down from generation to generation, from the seniors to their juniors. From dim paoruti and chaa to fried rice and chicken lollipops, you can find it all. The most iconic shop here is Chitto Babur dokaan with its fan favorites, bread and chicken stew.

5 Star Service

Once you begin your stroll down Dacres lane Kolkata, the first couple of street shops will greet you, welcoming you to sit at their stall (just by the way when we say welcome, we mean they are going to hear chants of DADA MADAM BOSHUN BOSHUN right next to your ear, think of it as direct marketing.


These places sell mainly Indo-Chinese food with a plate of 5 chicken momos costing only Rs. 30. As you progress further, you can feel the street itself aging with older outlets that have been around for some time. There are a slew of Mughlai and Indian shops where you can expect to have your lunch easily within Rs. 100. With the chowmein costing Rs. 50 and 8 pieces of mouthwatering chilli chicken at Rs. 80, it is one of the most pocket-friendly meals one can have in the city of joy.

Rolls, sandwiches and kochuri, there is no shortage in the diversity of cuisine. The fanciest joint in the lane is the Suruchee restaurant which was relatively empty as the crowd here generally prefers to have their meals at these roadside stalls filled with warmth and Adda.

Dessert and Drinks

Next, you can enjoy some hot gaajorer or moog daler halwa and cool yourself down with a glass of delicious lassi. If you’re craving some Bengali sweets, you can also gobble down warm paantuas which are just the right size to fit in your mouth, it’s too late and you’ve already had one too many. There are only a couple places in Dacres lane Kolkata where you can go for a chilled glass of beer with the happy hours from 11 am to 7 pm.

As we reach the end of the lane, we see the shining white walls of The Lalit Great Eastern contrasting the rickshawalas and the manual labourers having their glasses of sattu.

For hundreds and thousands of hungry Bengalis, the street is an escape from their cold office lives. Dacres lane Kokata is not just a food destination because of its prices or its service, the true charm lies in the people, the wide array of food and the warmth of sharing tea with an unknown face. It truly is an experience that you need to go through if you wish to experience the spirit of Kolkata in its raw self.

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