If Cupid has aimed his arrow at your heart and has you head over heels in love with your crush from high school, you can totally have butterflies while having late night mushy conversations and planning the upcoming date in your head. Being smitten in love is a feeling one cannot explain unless one has succumbed to it.

It is a thousand arrows piercing through your chest after the first fight while feeling the church bells ringing in the background each time your lady walks up to you.

With the wind blowing in your hair, you just want to sweep her into your arms, give her a twirl with a rose placed perfectly between your teeth as you transcend into another zone where it is just you and your beloved sharing the perfect kiss.
Time to snap back to reality, isn’t it?

Kolkata roads may see a lot of couples holding hands and embracing the four letter word, yet you will never find the romantic scenes from movies being enacted out in reality as you might just be caught in the act by a glaring ‘dadu’ from his balcony.
To avoid further embarrassment you either end up holding the doors open to fancy restaurants for the ideal date or end up at the Rabindra Sarobar Lake, judging other people and exchanging awkward glances with each other.

The ladies are taking to the malls to make use of the season sale to get the perfect dress for the date, while you are stuck sharing a drink with your good ol’ mates, puzzled as to where to woo your lady love.
If the dilemma is getting too much to handle, Kolkata’s Eco Park will come to your rescue.

Be Mr. Charming but also Mr. Amusing

Eco ParkTake your relationship to a level of quirk and excitement as you glide away from the clichéd candle night dinners and lure each other into an escapade to Eco Park, the 480 acre stretch of land in Rajarhat that has packed in itself the best activities for a perfectly fun date.
To some the distance might be a bummer, but hey, haven’t you heard that long drives are so romantic? Hop on to an Uber and zoom into this part of Kolkata that is so serene, you can rest assured of those magical and cozy moments to come to life.

Not your usual idea of a date. Bid the Michelin star restaurants goodbye

Take a stroll down the Rose Garden as you gently slide your fingers into her hands and tell her she looks as beautiful as the flowers. As tacky as it sounds, the age old catch lines never go out of style. The Butterfly Park just next to this is a must visit attraction spot that should not go amiss. After all, some solace in nature is what we all sought for amidst the busy life in the heart of the city.

Once the serene environment gets to you and you want to indulge in some soothing retreat, you can pamper each other by gifting the other a spa or a holistic massage at the Ayurvedic Spa.

Eco ParkNow that your senses are relaxed and the two of you are in the mood to kick start the fun, Eco park hosts activities galore that include Cycling if you are the couple that knows what ‘space’ means or Duo Cycling for the ‘forever together’ couple.

If you are a motor maniac but possess no two-wheeler and want your girl to enjoy the speed that gives you a rush, an alternative E-bike may give her a taste of what you really mean.

Eco ParkNow, you may not tell each other you love each other explicitly, but with gaming controllers in your hands, you both know no bond can be stronger. For the gaming addict couple, the Gaming Zone is your dream come true on a date.

Suppose a spat evolved over the course of the day, and your better half seems like she needs to vent it out, save yourself some injuries and hop over to the Rifle shooting corner. We assure you, a few missed shots, and you coming to the rescue, will calm her down and bring back the spark.

Up, up and above. Soar high into the air and click a few good snaps as you both erupt in giggles while on the Trampoline. Being a kid again never hurt anyone. After all, a date is the best when you both are comfortable and in ‘high’ spirits, aren’t you?

Eco ParkFor the feisty couple who wants to suffocate the other, here is a gentle reminder, the Land and Water Zorbing balloon will not suffocate you but will result in the finest moments on your date as you take turns laughing at the two left feet you get while trying to keep your balance on water.

Yes, it is painful but some pain can be pleasurable. Don’t get ideas. We are talking about Paintball. Sounds fun? Well, it is! The modern day Holi can be relived a months after the festival as you jump into your gear and head out as a team to ‘Paint the town red’ or a million other colours.

Eco ParkTake to the waters as the sun is about to set. This is where the hearts deepest feelings come pouring out as you both paddle your boat away into the horizon. If paddling sounds like a lot of effort after all the activities, the ‘Shikara’ is a short trip to Kashmir in the City of Joy. The High-Speed Boat is for the couple who can’t survive without some adrenaline rush.

And as the sun sets and the day comes to a halt, tap your feet to the tunes of the Music Fountain that radiates colours so vibrant, it’ll leave a smile on both your faces as you two break into a fit of constant humming and singing.

Love is a carousel, a carnival of emotions.

Eco ParkLove is holding the hands of the one you love and being total freaks together. Love is all about being a team. No activity is eventful without a team, and now that love comes knocking on your door, open it, greet it with a smile, and invite it on the most epic activity filled date you can ever imagine. Lucky as you may be, the love of your life may finally agree to go on that pending date with you.
Be glad because you won’t disappoint as you now know how to break the traditional norms of a date and head out into the unknown land of fun.



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