Around this time last year, Kolkata was bombed! Bombed by an artist’s untamable creativity and awe-inspiring creations. In case you can’t recollect. Let us remind you

‘Superman’ needs to take off some steam!


When Batman comes to town.


“Ever seen a perfect picture or a frame and imagined how it would become incredibly quirky with the addition of a random object in it?”

Remember how while sky gazing during childhood we would conjure up dragons and what not by looking at the cloud formations? Well, while we got busy with life and killed the bug of imagination inside us slowly, this guy from Kolkata kept his creative bug well-preserved. And the result? A series of simple yet incredible pictures.

Well, Debjyoti Saha is back to colouring the city with his creativity and here are his latest works that have floored us!

Good Morning Kolkata

good morning


 Clickity Click – Victoria Memorial



Morning News – a lane near Girish Park

morning news


Demon Alert! – Babu Ghat


Now that’s huge! – view of Urbana, Kolkata

i-want-2-retouchedI Love My New Toy Para’ma’ – Ruby bound ramp of Parama Flyover



Hide & Seek – inside Urbana, Kolkata

hide and seek
Just Chilling! – view from Kailash Bhawan


Let them GROW – towers of Urbana, Kolkata

grow (1)
Look Mommy, I’m a Rockstar! – Parama Flyover at night

Catching up with the artist

The bomb strikes again!
After part 1, what made you do bomb my city part 2?

The first series never really ended. It was just a momentary pause before I could get back to it. In fact, this is kind of never ending. I can’t really stop myself from imagining things around me, and when they are photographs of my own city it’s twice as much fun.

Is there any theme behind these new illustrations?

Just like last time, there’s no particular theme for the second series, but the illustrations are more human centric this time, capturing their behaviours and moods.

Which picture did you enjoy the most illustrating on?

My most favourite illustration from this series has to be the first one I illustrated, of the photographer guy! Nowadays that’s exactly what I see everywhere around me – cameras and duck faces. Enjoyed illustrating that a lot.

While developing such nuances around Kolkata, which one you would place as your showstopper?

I am always in search of the next best thing in the city to create a new story frame.
This time, I was appealed by URBANA the tallest residential housing complex near Ruby.
It changed my perception of Kolkata’s skyline.

What next can we expect from you?

You never know which part of the city is going to be bombed next!

You can check out Bomb My City Part – 1 here



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