Decoding The Typical Bengali Man- Bangali Purush


Any city in the world, instead of its fancy landmarks or iconic achievements, is better-represented by the various types of people that live there. Kolkata may be famous for its share of historical monuments or fancy cuisines but at the end of the day, it is we the people that make the city. And a huge part of ‘we the people’ is the typical Bengali man or better termed as ‘The Bangali Purush’.

So, here we decode the different types of the typical Bengali man or the Bangali Purush that you will come across in Kolkata.

The Bhai


Favourites include beer and cigarettes, they have a wide range; from ganjakhors to atels.

The Kaku

bengali kaku

The typical shob-janta-shob-bodha bangali, every ‘para’ has one.

The Dada

bengali dada

The 80s bhai, now between the poribaar and chakri.

The Jethu


Cribs about the gonotontro, striving on inherited money; he is the best example of every Bengali boys prospective future.

The Dadu

bengali dadu

The only person who openly cribs about the new generation and still relishes Sandhya Mukherjee

The Nitai Da

bengali chakor

The Calcutta-n who lives in the house where once his forefathers worked, taking forward the legacy of being the ‘chakor’


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