9 Easy DIY Dental Care Tips That Dentists Don’t Want You To Know


These days, proximity is of utmost importance so make sure that oral health should be on top of your priority list, for obvious reasons of course.

It’s a known fact that most infections and diseases starts with the mouth. We don’t want that happening in this month of love.

This is the best time to visit the dentist as the festive season has rolled into the wedding season and now comes this V-Day, where there is an overload of chocolates and sweets. After satisfying our sweet tooth cravings it’s high time we take good care of our precious fangs so that we can continue to look and feel good.

Use your bright smile to attract your crush, Don’t make them run away from bad breath.

We understand that most of you are busy bees and fall short on time, so here are a few tips from the awesome dentists at Dent O Shine to take care of your pearly whites while you are in office, at a party, at home, or even on-the-go. All you need is five minutes or lesser to keep that attractive smile intact.

1. Always wash or rinse your mouth immediately after every meal/snack.


2. Don’t have extreme temperature food; it causes damage to your teeth.


3. Use a brush, with or without toothpaste to brush away the sticky components of leftover sweets or chocolates from your teeth.


4. Brush twice a day, especially at night.


Dent o shine creative base

5. Use of inter-dental aids and floss is helpful in addition to brushing.


6. Use a mouth wash as an easy solution (not substitute)

67. Warm salt water gargling, it is the easiest and cheapest method of keeping your gums healthy.


8. Don’t keep long breaks between meals because that would cause bad breath.

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9. Use of sugar-free mints and chewing gums is definitely good for the teeth.



All these methods are not sufficient alone; they are an aid to brushing not a substitute to it. Visit your dentist once in six months and get a regular cleaning of your teeth done.


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