7 Typical Bengali Dental Myths We’ve All Grown Up Hearing!


Myths and childhood go hand in hand don’t they?

Our elders somehow found a way to build a ridiculous story around something they didn’t want us to do and they were jolly good in convincing us through their curated tales.

From not to sit under trees in the evening to a tree growing inside our stomachs, we’ve all grown up with our share of horrors because of these myths.

While most of these myths were created for the general betterment of kids and a simple way of setting guidelines, some of these myths were down right ridiculous and conveniently moulded to suit certain needs or maybe sometimes just for the heck of it.

With the help of the awesome dentist couple at Dent O Shine, we tracked some of these ridiculous myths relating to our teeth and oral care that we’ve grown up listening to!


1. The age old: Daat Er Poka


2. Poka ta ek daat theke onno daat e chole jabe


3. Daat tul-le Chokh kharab hoye jabe


4. Scaling korale Daat weak hoye jaye!



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5. Washing soda aar vinegar diye daat shada kore nebo


6. Braces kano lagabo Daat ta beka hi Theek aache


7. Wisdom tooth ber korle sob wisdom chole jabe



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