Aren’t We All Petrified Of A Visit To The Dentist? Well This Dentist Couple Is Out To Change Exactly That Notion – The Story of Mr & Mrs Haldar


“One thing I like less than most things is sitting in a dentist chair with my mouth wide open … Because some tortures are physical and some are mental, But the one that is both is dental … “

For those of you who have read the poem ‘This is going to hurt just a little bit’ by Ogden Nash, and for those of you who have visited any dentist, you must be well aware of the feelings and negativity that is associated with ‘bad tooth’.  So need we specify more?

Alright, what if we told you that you could visit a bright and cheerful dentist chamber with a warm and welcoming pair of dentists who assure you that you would leave their clinic with a big beautiful smile instead of aching gums?

Why would you believe us? Well, go check it out for yourself!

Here’s the awe-inspiring story of a Don Bosco, Kolkata boy and a Dhanbad girl who dated since their Mangalore dentistry college days and opened up a clinic in Kolkata- Dr Chiradeep Haldar & Dr Souravi Haldar: the dentist couple, out on a mission to revolutionize the ‘not so pleasant’ concept of visiting the dentist.



Santana Fell: Can you tell us about how you met each other?

Dr Souravi Haldar: Chiradeep was a very studious person during his college days in Mangalore. His juniors, including me were always fascinated and inspired by his academic excellence. He was not much into extracurricular activities but I always appreciated this side of him. The fact that he was very dedicated towards his studies, his innocent nature, truthfulness and sincerity was what piqued my attention towards him and we both had similar interest and disinterest so we got along very well.

Dr Chiradeep Haldar: The mere moral support provided by Souravi, and the fact that she always stood by me was what initially attracted me towards her only to find out later that both of us had common backgrounds and interest that was more than a boon to our relationship.


SF: Was dentistry always a common interest for both of you?

Dr Chiradeep Haldar: Yes, and fortunately we were in the same college of dentistry although we specialize in different areas. My parents are doctors, so I also wanted to be a doctor but then I got into dentistry as my father told me that the future is in this. He was my motivation and always told me only to do the things in which I excelled instead of getting into the regular doctor line that already has so much of competition.

Dr Souravi Haldar:  My family mostly has engineers and I was always interested in becoming a doctor but later got into dentistry and now I love my work.


SF: Was opening up a clinic together always in the plan?

Both of us felt that as far as visiting a dentist in Kolkata goes, there was still a lot of inhibition. Children would be terrified of dentists and parents would be largely unaware. This was the driving force for us to open Dent O Shine.

Dr. Chiradeep: Right from the beginning, I had the plan of running a clinic. In her (Dr. Souravi) I could see my future. I envisioned that if we’d become a couple, it would fulfil my dreams of getting a Bengali wife, a dentist and someone who I would love to work with.

Dr. Souravi: I always wanted to teach in a dentistry college but then this working together became so lucrative that after my post-graduation we started working together and then there was no looking back.


SF: How do you deal with children in the clinic?

We have to make them feel comfortable that is why we have so many soft toys in our clinic, the walls are painted with bright colours and cartoon characters to make them feel at home. Now-a-days, parents are very concerned about their children’s appearance, so we tell them that it is better to keep the children aware from the beginning and therefore we have had so many children having full confidence on us.

In fact, children are not treated on the first day that they come. We make them familiar with the clinic, we ask the parents to talk to them about it and not hide things from them, we explain to them that it is their tooth and they have to preserve it so for that an ant bite will be there. Generally if the parents mentally prepare the children then they let us do our work smoothly. They take their injections and do their fillings.


SF: How do you make a scared patient feel comfortable?

First we understand the reason behind their fright. Then we calm them down by being friendly with them and explain the brighter side of the future so temporary pain for permanent gain. I can assure you that everything done at Dent O Shine is not painful. We use imported machines, very fine needles, sprays etc. So there is no pain involved.


SF: How do you distribute patients among yourselves?

When a patient comes to our clinic, we consult them together and then after knowing where the area of problem is, we distribute the work according to our specialisation in dentistry. I am a root canal specialist and specialize in preservative dentistry whereas she is into surgical dentistry. She specialises in Cosmetic dentistry/ aesthetic dentistry.


SF: Being an ideal couple yourself, who would you say is the ‘ideal couple’ for you two? 

Dr. Souravi:  His parents are our idols. They both have a lot of mental agreement and understanding. They know each other’s pressure because both are doctors.

Dr. Chiradeep: They always told us to treat dent-o-shine like our first child. We thought let’s just take the plunge and start dent-o-shine together. It’s been 5yrs of dent-o-shine and we have had more than 5000 new patients till now.


SF: How do you manage work life and personal life given that you two work together?

In an era where couples find it a difficult task to take out time for one another, we are together 24/7.  People work in different fields and they don’t understand each other’s pressure. Even people working in the same field rarely get to work together.

We both have even taught in the same college. So we are fortunate that way.

When patients are there, it is work time and when patients are not there then that is our personal time.

We do our own things we spend most of our time in the clinic. We love eating out but only get a chance on Sundays. We travel together a lot and love to explore the world through your vacations.


Fun fact

Braces are all trendy these days with the advent of colour lining your teeth. But for those people who need braces but don’t want to show anyone that they are wearing one, they can opt for Lingual braces that is fitted from inside of the teeth.

From eating out to vacations to being together 24*7. This couple is giving out some serious relationship goals. Anyone jealous already?

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