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It’s time to be ‘Pawsome’

Someone rightly said that a dog is a man’s best-friend and who wouldn’t want their pals in good behavior especially when the owners are away from home. After all, an obedient dog is the perfect dog you can have.

Dog TrainerWe know that every dog has its day but what if that day is ‘everyday’ when you return home to chewed pieces of newspaper, sofa foam, broken vases and an excited little ball of fur. What do you do when you can’t ‘tame’ your pet and let them bark their way through the day. If it has to be chained all day, would you really consider it your best friend? As pet owners, you don’t want these unnecessary hassles and expenditure. So what do you do when you have an unruly dog as your pet? You call Jayashree, the dog trainer who has quite a few tricks up her sleeves with ‘tails’ of success. She has a very gentle, calm, focused and patient approach even with the unruliest of her students. Training can be fun for the pet parent as well; they can learn how to interact better with their pet child thereby bringing harmony to themselves and their disgusted neighbors.

Dog TrainerSo, the real and most important responsibilities of a pet parent are to get their furry friends some basic obedience training right from the beginning, when they are fast learners.

Dog TrainerJayashree, one of the very few professional female dog trainers (for obedience) in Kolkata, provides obedience training in varying levels

Team Beacon Kolkata caught up with her and had a little chat.

When and why did you decide to become a dog trainer?

Dog TrainerWhen I realized that I prefer dogs over humans. Soon after, I joined the Cochin Dog Training Academy & Pet Resort for training and here I am.

Why dogs and not any other animals?

Well, I was working with big cats earlier but due to lack of opportunities in Kolkata, pertaining to that area of interest, I choose my first love – Dogs.

Do people willingly spend on training?

Yes, people who genuinely love their pets don’t mind the extra charge for a good trainer. I have had a client tell me that if he spends money on his children’s tuitions then why not spend on his other child’s (the pet dog) tuition (training) too.

Where do you train them?

I have a place to train dogs but if the pet owners prefer their dogs to be trained at their residence, then I train them there.

Why is obedience training necessary for the dog?

I don’t think anybody likes an unruly dog; therefore the need for obedience training.

What was the reaction of friends and family when you decided to become a dog trainer?

My family has always been very supportive of my decisions. I get mixed reactions from people but mostly I get people telling me that I am so lucky; doing the thing that I love most. I am not stuck in a typical 9-5 job. I get people admiring my work. So, that feels good.

How does your day differ from most people your age?

I am surrounded by more animals than humans for the better part of the day. My job is very flexible and fun. It gives me ample time to train according to convenience so that I have enough time for my own pet and family.

This is a blood and sweat job, quite literally. While training, some dogs tend to bite you and take out blood and sweat in naturally involved because there is a lot of running around behind these dogs during training

Training provided by her:

Dog Trainer

  • Basic obedience training level-1 – this is where your dog will be taught to follow certain commands. This training basically helps the pet parent to learn to talk to their dog and make them respond in a positive manner. ‘Come’, ‘no’, ‘sit’, ‘sleep’, ‘down’, ‘shake hand’, ‘roll’, heel walking, not tugging on the leash, toilet training, treat training, walking according to the owner’s pace i.e, walking just beside the pet parent, neither at the back nor in front of them; are some of the many basic instructions taught to these friendly creatures. In addition to making a task like cutting their nails, cleaning them, giving their food easier for the owner, learning these commands are fun for the dog as well.

 dog trainer

 Basic obedience training level-2 – In this level, little more tricks are taught like newspaper retrieval, watchdog training (barking, attacking on command), salute, etc is taught.

Advance level training – in this level, they are taught how to walk and perform all tricks without a leash. During and after advance level training, a few classes are also given to the pet owners so that the dog remains obedient to all members of the family even after training. This level is a full obedience training where they will do everything in command; properly.

 dog trainer

 Correctional behavior training – this level is for dogs with behavioural issues. During this training special attention is given to the problems faced by the dog and its owner. Behavioural analysis is done by the trainer to curb such behavior and special training is given to the owners to improve their relation with their pet child.

Expert advice: “The three most important thing for a dog in order of necessity are; exercise, discipline and affection. People reverse this order and that’s where the problem starts.” – Jayashree Ram Mohan.

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