Planning a Visit To Eco Park Soon? Here’s a List Of All The Activities You Can Do There


Eco Park Kolkata is the perfect place for a weekend outing with your friends and we’ve listed a couple of activities that you and your buddies can engage in while you’re there!

Eco Park, the 480 acre stretch of land in Rajarhat, has packed in itself the best activities for a perfectly fun day. To some, the distance might be a bummer, but hey, who doesn’t love going on long drives with their friends? Hop on to an Uber and zoom into this part of Kolkata that is so serene and perfect for a small weekend getaway.

Here’s a list of activities that will get your adrenaline going at Eco Park, Kolkata


The Land and Water Zorbing balloon will not suffocate you but will result in the finest moments with your friends as you take turns laughing at the two left feet you get while trying to keep your balance on water.

zorbing at eco parkSource: Cleartrip

Pocket pinch: Rs. 150/- per head for 200mtrs


Sounds fun? Well, it is! The modern day Holi can be relived months after the festival as you jump into your gear and head out as a team to ‘Paint the town red’ or a million other colours.

paintball at eco parkSource: Cleartrip

Pocket pinch: Rs. 50 for 5 balls


If you are a motor maniac but possess no two-wheeler and want to enjoy the speed that gives you a rush, this is surely the option for you.

bike at eco parkPocket pinch: Rs. 150/- per head for 10 minutes

Duo-cycling/ Tandem

Hop on a cycle with you and your friend and go duo-cycling around Eco Park. This is also a great option for those ‘together forever’ couples.

cycling at eco parkPocket pinch: Rs. 150/- for 2 heads for 20 minutes.

Gaming Zone

Now you can bond with your friends with gaming controllers in your hands. For the gaming addicts, the Gaming Zone is your dream come true at Eco Park, Kolkata

Pocket pinch: Rs. 50/- per head for one hour.

Rifle Shooting

Suppose a spat with your friends evolved over the course of the day, and you feel like you need to vent it out, save yourself some injuries and hop over to the Rifle shooting corner.

rifle at eco parkPocket pinch: Rs. 50/- for 10 shots


So there you have it! We’ve planned a whole day of fun and games for you and your gang!

What’s your favourite thing to do at Eco Park Kolkata? We’d love to know!

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