This Kolkata Boy Made a Full-Fledged Electric Car Right Out of His Garage


Electric Car in Kolkata

Away from the city trying to cope with the corporate world, an automobile engineer at heart, this city boy has created a wonder car right from his home garage. While the rest of us are fervently slogging; clocking those extra hours at work, cutting costs and saving up to one fine day be able to buy that fuel-guzzling, environment-killing ‘dream car’, Shankha Mukherjee has broken away from the herd and created a machine of his own. And no, it’s not another high torque wheeler; it’s a car running entirely on green energy and quite decently too.

Electric Car in Kolkata

Tell us about your car and its specs.

My car is a 1996 Maruti 800 STD, bought used. The motor produces around 5.4 HP, and is powered by a 48 Volts, 100 Ampere Hour tubular lead acid battery pack.

Can you explain how an electric engine works? How is it different from a petrol engine?

Electric Car in Kolkata

In an electric car, a traction motor powers the driving wheels. The motor is powered by batteries, through a speed controller. A power figure of 5 HP sure sounds puny, but the way an electric motor delivers power, is totally different from of an internal combustion(IC) engine. In an IC engine, one needs to build up the revs to reach its peak power, and this engine speed is pretty high, especially in petrol engines.

Electric Car in Kolkata

To understand the power delivery of an electric motor, let us consider an electric bulb. When we switch on an electric bulb, it glows with its full brightness almost instantly. An electric motor, although a lot complicated, works almost in a similar way as that of an electric bulb. Hence, a lesser powered electric car would produce similar performance when compared to a higher powered IC engine, and the available power is much more accessible and consistent.

What is the top speed?

Electric Car in Kolkata

For a maximum motor speed of 3000 RPM, the top speed was calculated to be around 44 Km/Hr.

Now that you are in Mumbai, do you miss your car?

Electric Car in Kolkata

Yes! A lot. My office is about 2 kms from my PG. I usually commute in shared taxis. My Electric Car would have been of great help. Not only it would have helped save the Environment, but also would have encouraged others to switch to Green Technology.

Do you plan on making something similar in Mumbai?

I am afraid that I won’t be able to make anything similar here, because I do not have the resources, as well as time.

Do you use the car when you come to Kolkata? Who uses the car currently?

Electric Car in Kolkata

Yes, I always use it for my nearby commutes considering the range in mind. As of now, an Uncle of mine is using it as he is the only one whom I have trained to drive it.

What would be your message to car owners of Kolkata?

Electric Car in Kolkata

If you have an old car that is lying idle, this is the best treatment that you could give to it. Not only would it save the environment, but would also bring down the running costs. Even if you do not have an idle car, you can definitely get a cheap one and convert it. With improved infrastructure and proper back-up, the electric vehicle industry will hold immense potential. Believe it or not, but this is the future. Go Green!


  1. Marvelous! Youngsters should Take up more initiatives And try to adopt green technologies, just Like the way He has done! Kudos to his splendid car transformation!

  2. Yeahh! There goes my dada ! So your car became famous ! People will definately start following you now ….⭐⭐❇⭐⭐
    I personally think people should go green as soon as possible keeping in mind the condition of our environment . But the problem is, when a group of people are trying to initiate the movement others happily join to help make that particular programme a success and in most cases do not take the message . Moreover, people instead of working hard like my brother did would like to opt for an easier alternative. This is where we’re all lagging behind . We run behind fame,money and expensive stuff but where’s it gonna go if the world is only not there.

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