Eastern India’s Largest Digital Media Conference Engage 2017 Was All About Digital Empowerment Against Cyber Crime


There is no denying that in today’s age and time, digital space is riding the high horse and ruling almost every sphere of our lives. We are almost disabled without it. In such circumstances where we are vehemently living in the digital era, it becomes easy for cyber crimes to get the better of us. This brings the need for cyber security especially for corporates and organizations that heavily depend on digital usage.

Keeping this in mind, Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) Kolkata Chapter and Mayabious Academy presented the sixth edition of Eastern India’s Largest Digital Media Conference “Engage 2017” at ITC Sonar Bangla, Kolkata. Engage 2017 was all about to enlighten more on finer nuances of digital empowerment through a series of exciting sessions, panel discussions, and student track.

SOUVENIR Launch of Engage 2017 at ITC Sonar Bangla Kolkata on 18th August 2017

On this occasion Chief Guest DEBASHIS SEN IAS Additional Chief Secretary Information Technology & Electronics Department Govt. of West Bengal, Guest Of Honour MANOSHI ROY CHOUDHARY Co Chairman, Techno India Group and NIVEDITA BANERJEE Secretary General, PRSI along with Mr. Soumyajit Mahapatra, Chairman, PRSI Kolkata Chapter – were present at the inauguration to address the media. It also saw the participation of Kolkata Police Cyber Cell.

ENGAGE 2017, saw some of the brightest industry stalwarts like Harish Bijoor (Brand Guru & Founder Harish Bijoor Consults Inc.), M G Parameswaran, or Ambi as he is known, is a Brand Coach, Brand Strategist, and Founder Brand-Building.com a Brand Advisory.

Mr.Harish Bijoor (Brand Guru) delibrating on Digital Disruption at Engage 2017

The Chairman of PRSI, Kolkata Chapter, Mr. Soumyajit Mahapatra deliberated to define ENGAGE and said, “Since its inception in 2012, ENGAGE has been well appreciated as the regions foremost and most enriching summit focusing on digital evolution. ENGAGE has rightfully enthused great response and participation from opinion leaders, industry stalwarts, business planners, entrepreneurs, media and communication professionals and last but not least, young audience with learners’ mindset.”

“ENGAGE has been an engaging and interactive platform exploring the fast changing dynamics of the continually emerging new digital age.”

(left to right) PRSI Kolkata Chairman Mr.Soumyajit Mahapatra along with Chief Guest Debashis Sen IAS Add. Chief Secretary IT & Electronic Dept. Govt of WB

Thus, companies will need to strategize around a set of key characteristics and approaches that digital innovators are using for success.

  • Create a transformational strategy that embraces risk-taking. Digital innovators are able to detect and respond to change faster than digital laggards. The risk is better managed if one can confidently respond to change.
  • Adopt an agile, iterative approach to intelligent innovation. Companies today are focused on Development Opportunities. In a changing environment, innovators know they don’t have the time to focus on the perfect strategy and therefore apply iterative techniques.
  • Promote a data-driven culture throughout the organization.  The ability to draw upon the power of the collective is what data analytics is all about. Digital innovators are much more likely to address this and connect all the dots as compared to the rest of the market.
  • Digital disruption is real. The good news is, incumbents are figuring this out and deploying strategies and practices to address their future.


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