Ever wondered how Lake Town is so beautiful? We’ll tell you!


Children scampering around in the neighbourhood park, senior citizens basking in the sun, some enjoying their regular adda over a steaming cup of tea and a few young couples strolling around near the water-body, the roads- clean and swabbed and greenery all around. No, this isn’t a picnic spot or a vacation abroad; this is how any given day in beautified Lake Town is like.

laketown park

From well-covered borough pits, to newly made foot bridges and organized traffic flow, Lake Town has slowly emerged to be a modular city in Kolkata. “At the end of a tiring day, what does a citizen eventually want? Cleanliness, a little bit of family enjoyment, safety and peace around; my idea is to provide that to every citizen” said Sujit Bose, who besides being the MLA of Lake Town is the Vice Chairman of South Dum Dum Municipality and a major change-maker in that part of the city.

Gateway to city

IMG_5601Picture courtesy Palsmaniaa (Photography by: Souranil De)

The change in Lake Town has not been an overnight phenomenon. Little transformations tucked in at every corner of the municipality over years of constant surveillance and feedback has made it possible and the aesthetic development in the zone has been given primary importance in that zone for one particular reason. “VIP road connects the city to the airport and is seen as a gateway for the world coming to the city” said Mr Bose. And a brilliant first impression it is that is created.

While driving down VIP road, one is first greeted by the newly constructed Kestopur-Baguiati flyover bypassing the congested traffic there. Then from a distance, the Clock Tower – Big Ben replica, gives a warm greeting. Driving by, one is enticed by the colourfully-lit foot bridge over the picturesque water body with scores of eateries around.

IMG_5609Picture courtesy Palsmaniaa (Photography by: Souranil De)

Element of change

Drainage was always a major problem in Lake Town. With the canal running alongside and uncovered borough pits in the area, the place was infested by mosquitoes and plagued by pungent odours. To begin with, the borough pits were sealed and covered and a beautiful pathway was made on top of it. This solved the problem of smell and mosquitoes.

lake town foot bridge

Air conditioned Bus Stops were made along VIP road for the convenience of the citizens and the roads were re-tarred with superior quality materials. All the way from Bangur to Lake Town, various eco nests were made and recently a Vivek Rath was inaugurated atthe lake town crossing.

Lake Town AC Bus Stop

Looking ahead, the 2 km stretch from Keshtopur to Ultadanga, on both sides is all set to undergo a beautification procedure.


From the 8 day carnival during Christmas, to the elaborate Durga Puja celebrations and food festivals, the idea of family outings and celebrations have been well-promoted in Lake Town. In fact Sayan Sen, a resident of Sree Bhumi mentioned “Anyone can come down to Lake Town on any given evening and feel a sense of celebrations around. The entire place is well-lit and every evening you will find families out on the streets either exploring eateries or new hangouts”

Christmas at Lake Town

“The idea behind organizing these festivals and celebrations is to provide the citizens a means to unwind from their daily hectic schedules” said Mr Bose who is the brainchild behind getting Lake Town beautified.

Debi Ghat is also another major attraction which has revolutionized the way our idols are immersed during Pujas.

Lake Town Eco NestPicture courtesy Palsmaniaa (Photography by: Souranil De)


“We have a vision of making Kolkata into a clean and smart city, I try to implement the vision to all my capabilities” said Mr Bose who takes pride in the happiness of the citizens living in Lake Town.


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