Ever wondered where Mahatma Gandhi was on the eve of 15th August 1947?


It isn’t simply said that Calcutta is a breeding ground for antiquities, and one just can’t beat the fact how multifarious the intertwining of ethos is here in the city. Our city has witnessed almost every major event recorded in history− from the arrival of British in the year 1690 to the pre & post-independence political drama.

Calcutta, as it was known back in the days, was the epicenter of all things social, political, and revolutionary in India.

Hydari Manzil

We all know and highly revere this person who went about, in dhoti along with a walking stick, doing the right things for our country and give us what we enjoy to the fullest today− Freedom. He worked so hard and sacrificed so much to alleviate our country from the torments of the western exploiters, and finally succeeded on 15th August 1947.

It might be almost frivolous to say, but have you ever wondered where was Gandhiji on the eve of our Independence day− to taste the fruits of the tree he embraced all his life?

Hydari Manzil

Well, to answer the aforesaid, he was right here in Calcutta in this very house known as Hyderi Manzil. It was during the pre-independence riots in Bengal and Bihar that Gandhiji, in order to end the riots and bring forth Hindu-Muslim amity, on 13th August moved into Hydari Manzil on the H.S. Suhrawardy’s request.

Hydari Manzil

Hyderi Manzil at that time was located right in the middle of riot affected area, where on arrival he faced angry demonstrations from the local people.

Hydari Manzil

And on the eve of 15th August he fasted and moved across the city in order to refrain people from rioting, which eventually resulted in the leaders of the hooligans rioting in Calcutta surrender and ask him to give up his fasting.

Hydari Manzil

Hyderi Manzil, a place of immense historical importance, rests at 150 B Beliaghata Main road. One can visit the place to take in the aura of the person of a calibre for which no words are enough.

Hydari Manzil

Even to this day, the place is well maintained and houses a museum of memorials− from the cot Gandhiji used to sit on to the arms given up by the rioting hooligans.

Perhaps even the father of the nation loved the city of joy as much as we do.


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