Evergreen Restaurants in Park Street That Kolkata Can Never Get Enough Of!


Legend has it that ‘old is gold’ and that what ignites a fire in ones soul lingers on forever once the mark has been made. The bait had been set in the heart of every foodie in Kolkata with the ushering in of the cuisine gala that transcended onto the streets of Park Street back in the 90s and have stayed on with its fire burning strong even today.

More often than not it is our peers and family foodies who have held us by our hands and strutted down the glorious lanes of Park Street as faint music in the distance from one of the renowned bars escapes and hits the ear enticing us to walk in that direction and succumb to the tunes that evening.

Food and soul are synonymous and for anyone who has had a hearty meal at any nook and cranny in Park Street knows where the legendary outlets are located. From cuisines from every corner of the world being served on the plate to petite cafes taking us back to France, romance on the plate has always been served here in Park Street.

We present to you, a glorious list of the evergreen restaurants in Park Street that have stolen our hearts and do not intend to return them anytime soon.


It was back then when our parents would go for their romantic escapades and dedicate songs being belted out by the singers in the bar as they sipped on a cocktail, perched on the sofas and tucking in to the best continental and Chinese food the city had to offer. Even today we cannot deny that amidst all the extravaganza of the new restaurants popping up in the city, an outing with the college pals here is legendary!


Peter Cat

Think Chelo Kebab think Peter Cat. They serve it and how! The molten butter in the succulent kebabs will melt your soul and rip it apart. The pineapple blossom to top it off adds the perfect cherry on the cake. Big ups to the beautiful lights right above each table that escalate to the level of a candle ‘light’ dinner.


The recent uproar about the comments passed may have shaken ardent Mocambo lovers but us Kolkattans know how to shrug off negativity and embrace the gem in hand. The eternal restaurant has catered to affluent ones and the commoners but is adored alike.

image (2)-opt

The finesse in each pastry and the density of the chocolates are enough to give us the best orgasms we’ve had in a while. Did we mention the classic English breakfast? A tempting stroll down the streets of Paris and London is what Flurys manages to do each time you push the large doors open.

image (1)-opt
Oly Pub

Clink your glasses and cheer on as the legendary outlet has been host to break up and make up parties galore. Over a juicy beef steak and chugging down gallons of beer, Oly Pub is the junction for all your ‘high’ functions. Coming down as the hangout spot for many youngsters in Kolkata, we don’t think it’ll lose its charm anytime soon.05metolupub_edit

Moulin Rouge

The outlook of a Vegas restaurant, the interiors at one time were sure to hold you back for a few hours. The duck speciality here has seen many food connoisseurs come down to get a taste of the delectable dishes being served hot and yummy!


Songs at Mags are what the 80s kids would revel about. Standing tall in all its glory, Mags has been catering to young and old and has never attempted to fail a hungry appetite over the past few years. What our peers remember this place is as the outlet near Music World for a sumptuous feast and then a musical adventure to top it off.

Are you planning your next weekend escape to the famous Park Street? Be sure to not miss out on any of the legendary restaurants. These are all the places you’d want to take your kids to in a few years time and boast about how old is definitely gold!



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