11 lovable things faced by every Muslim guy in Kolkata


That Kolkata is a city of diversities is nothing new. From its very initial days the city has been the cosmopolitan hub of the country with people of all faiths and beliefs flocking to Kolkata for opportunities in life.

And one such colourful and interesting group in Kolkata is of the ‘Muslims’ – the cool people with cooler cuisines and huge hearts. The Imrans, Salmans, Atifs, Amirs in the city that bring in the zest in their own peculiar ways.

Being a Muslim guy in Kolkata is an unparalleled experience! From getting the suffix ‘bhai’ after your name to your friends fighting for the last serving of Biryani at your place. Here are the typical things faced by any muslim guy in Kolkata

You’ll mostly be the ONLY muslim guy in your college friend circle




From Non-muslim teachers to parents of friends or colleagues, all will tell you tales of their Muslim best friends and their crazy bonding




You have had at least one friend who’s expected you to be all macho and get ‘bhais’ at the time of a bawal or jhamela




Your house is the ultimate biryani destination




‘Dude, your mom is the best cook ever’ yes, you get that all the time from all your friends


pic courtesy: a new life in India
pic courtesy: a new life in India


You get all the special treatment from your non-muslim friends when you’re fasting during Ramzan




Your non-muslim friends are more excited about the party at your place on Eid than you



If you’ve worn a kurta-pyjama to college/work you were the eye candy on that day (only that day though sadly: p)



You’ve had at least one friend having a mad crush on a cousin of yours




Even if you speak Bengali fluently, you’ll mostly get replies in Hindi from majority of other people (primarily because they want you to be comfortable while talking)




There’ll always be that friend who no matter what the time or place will add a ‘bhai’ after your name



In case you missed it, this was just for a light humorous read. Trust us, the last thing we intend to do is hurt the sentiments of any faith.

cover pic courtesy: favim.com


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