9 Facts About The Kolkata Tram That Will Forever Change The Way You Look At It (P.S Lyadh Is One Of Them!)


Trams! Coz we like it slow at times.


In this supersonic age, life rarely gives us an opportunity to stop and notice things around us, leave alone taking things slow. But Kolkata, our dear city still basks in the glory of its old world charm and has held on tight to its vintage charisma.

Talking about heritage and pace, trams have become an integral nerve in the network of public transport neurons transmitting us from one part of city to another, that too in full Swag.

Over the years, it has slowly meandered its way through our hearts and there is no denying that a mere sound of the tram bell can shoot us through a rollercoaster nostalgic trip.

“Trams to Kolkata is what the toy train is to Darjeeling”

Despite the slow pace, people still enjoy a few rides for the mere heritage value.

We are the busy generation doing everything in haste; we don’t have the time or patience to wait. But hey, why are we rushing??

Relax. Take some time out and appreciate the lovely things around you. Today, we have just the right amount of indulgence for you. Once a month, whenever you have some spare time during the early evenings, ditch your private vehicles or jam-packed buses and autos and take a tram ride instead.

You can go alone and enjoy the scenic beauty while crossing the Maidan or grab your group of friends and race against the tram, get up on it, get off, repeat. We promise the tram will not leave you behind.

C979FA03-F48D-4D86-9A5A-D938E2B4AADC-optStill not convinced?

Ok, here are a few awesome facts about the kolkata tram that will make you fall in love with the heritage on wheels all over again:


Environment friendly

No choking gases are released from these carriages as they run on electricity. Even our Earth would support their stay.


Heritage of course

It is currently the only operating tram network in India and the oldest operating electric tram in Asia.


Unlike the smelling armpits and sweaty pants that you find on the buses, here you can embrace the wind in your hair with a smile on your face. There is enough room for everyone and by default, the trams are always clean.



With ticket prices as low at 4 Rs, the tram is officially the cheapest mode of transport in town.


No racing against time or other vehicles, so, lesser accidents. We feel trams should be the brand ambassador for the ‘safe drive save life’ campaign!


Road presence

Bring your Mercs and BMWs but you’ll still be forced to step aside to make way for trams. Now thats called Swag!

A168964A-F916-4B84-B95B-C4B895533754-optNo tantrums, please

who likes to hear a ‘no’ from no refusal taxis or snobbish auto drivers?


Brownie points

When bollywood movies like ‘Kahaani’, ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’, ‘Barfi’ etc have a shot of a tram in them, we feel our chest swell with pride.



last but not the least, we love our trams because they give into our lyadh. Doesn’t a tram cruising in all its style and ease personify ‘Lyadh’ ?


Trams are so special to us that we have a tram museum in the city! Click here to visit the tram museum



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