We All Loved Fanushi 4.0; But Do You Know About The Heroes Who Made It All Happen?


That this Diwali, the Fanush took the city by storm is clearly evident from all the buzz that it generated. From the newspapers to the social media, the Fanush became the talk of the town. And a major hand behind all of it was Fanushi 4.0.


Picture: Kallol Bhattacharjee


Picture: Sammya Brata

By now you know all that is needed about Fanushi 4.0 – the event. The huge turnout, the beautiful sky, the breath-taking photographs, but let’s take a moment and appreciate all those who made it all happen. The real heroes behind the event.

Wait a minute, who made it all happen actually?

Well, it was you dear folks that made it all possible, all those of you who chose to make a difference, who decided to step out of the house on a holiday and take the time to prove that Diwali is not just about loud crackers and elaborate fireworks. That Diwali is not about bursting more kilos of fireworks than your neighbour.


Picture: Akash Ghosh


Picture: Pushpal Chandra

Of course we came for the pictures, the glitz, the ideal Facebook DP and what not but deep down we all had had enough of a loud, pointlessly polluting Diwali and knowingly or unknowingly, we sent out a powerful message.


Picture: Kallol Bhattacharjee

During the event we went about asking people why they felt lighting the Fanush is a cool way of celebrating Diwali.

Here are the top 5 reasons why lighting the Fanush is the coolest way of celebrating Diwali!

1. It is not expensive to buy


Picture: Kallol Bhattacharjee

Yes, a Fanush literally costs as much as a pack of Fuljharis


2. It brings people together


Picture: Sarasij Dasgupta

It was a joy to see people clearly unknown to each other come together and help each other set up their Fanush


3. It tests your patience


Picture: Ayush Dutta Roy

A Fanush is not a dud-easy thing to set flying. It requires to be handled with care and the camphor requires a decent amount of prodding to burn into a flame


4. It doesn’t get over in the blink of an eye


Picture: Suprotim Nandi

Well, unlike firecrackers that last just for a few seconds, a Fanush is an elaborate procedure. It takes its time to go up in the sky and does so with full grace, all the while being mesmerizing to look at


5. It is a symbol of unity


Picture: Ayush Dutta Roy

Unity? Why you may ask, well, once your Fanush is up in the sky with the other ones in the sky, it belongs to all. Thus making everyone feel a part of the entire affair.


Picture: Susmita Saha


Picture: Kallol Bhattacharjee


Picture: Ayush Dutta Roy

From photographers both senior and amateur to guests from abroad to the who’s who of the city to the simplest of the people of Kolkata, all were present to witness history in the making at Fanushi 4.0. This is a salute to all those awesome heroes who came to Fanushi 4.0 as it is you who made it all possible.

Last, but in no way the least, Fanushi 4.0 wouldn’t have been possible without the collective efforts of the following


If you couldn’t make it to the event though, there’s always a next time as the team has vowed to be back bigger and better. So until next time: It’s a plane, It’s a bird. Nah, It’s a Fanush!


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