Fire Paan Makes Its Way To Kolkata. Tried The Flaming Leaf Yet?


Paan with a fiery twist – the hottest craze in town.


Heard of fire engulfing people? Now hear about people engulfing fire!

Kolkata has someone who can make you swallow FIRE, literally!  Flaming shots? Nah! We have flaming Paan.

Tasting a ‘Fire Paan’ might sound bizarre but people in Kolkata are flocking to Shree Paan Dhaba to engulf this flaming beauty that is available in four different flavours – chocolate, rose, caramel and strawberry.


Paan has been a part of our culture since time immemorial, from the red stains on the walls of the building and roads to the small paan ‘dokaans’ in every nook and corner of our Kolkata streets, from refreshing our mouths after a meal, to knowing at least one person who constantly has paan in their mouth, everyone associates with Paan in some way or the other.

Paan Shops in Kolkata


So, when four friends decided to join hands and turn their passion of relishing pan into a business of experimental flavoured paans, what we got is ‘stupendous’ reaction from Kolkatans who are always in the look-out for something new and exciting.


Their special ingredient – fire

INCENDIO!  And whoop, we have Fire Paan (whose concept originated in Rajkot) right here in Kolkata for the very first time. It is definitely here to stay. This sizzling paan costs you only Rs.50.

Let it burn!

If you are experimental with your taste buds, the quirky food list is a must check for you!

Why should you try fire paan?

Fire paan has medicinal properties. Betel leaf or paan is very useful in curing ailments like cough, cold and headaches. Clove helps in adding fire to the paan but ironically it is the same ingredient (along with ice) that helps you attain the cool feeling once the paan is inside your mouth. It is also said that paan intake freshens the breath and increases passion. Might just set your mood on fire eh!


Is it dangerous?

Not at all. It is simple science. When there is no oxygen, nothing can burn. The moment you close your mouth, the oxygen supply cuts and the fire extinguishes. Also, you have ice inside the paan so there is no need to worry about injuries. On the contrary, fire paan aids in healing mouth ulcers and common cold.

Best customers?

“Our best customers are children. They are so brave, daring and fearless. They are the most enthusiastic towards the fire paan. We have had children as small as 5yrs old try the fire paan without any signs of hesitation” – Chinky & Vaibhav (owners)



What’s hot?

Move on from ice cream parlours. We have our first paan parlour in Kolkata, not your usual paan dokaan.

10Where would you get it?

Shree Paan Dhaba, on Harish Mukherjee Road, located between Apna Dhaba and Jaipur to Kolkata restaurant. Also, a few steps away Balwant.


Their USP?

Where else would you find an entire family (kids & grannies especially) relishing fire paan together?

9They serve over 100 varieties of flavoured paan among which there are 80 varieties of chocolate paan that is made by using compound chocolate. All paans are made from organic materials. No supari or any other harmful things are used in this juicy amalgamation. So it is safe for all age groups. Also, you would find new varieties every day.


Ranging from Rs.10 – Rs.600


11 am – 2am


Seems adventurous? Worry not. It is totally safe so muster up all your courage and go for it.

However if you prefer to stay old school, here’s the list of legendary paan shops in Kolkata that you must visit


Shout-out to all the party peeps and midnight children – this place is open till 2 am (sometimes extended on public demand).

Now you know where to go to refresh your mouths and get rid of the stench you’re trying to hide.


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