Now You Can Buy Fish With The Tap Of A Button! This Fish Delivery App Will Deliver Your Favourite Maach To Your Doorstep!


Now you can buy fish with the tap of a button with Bengal’s new fish delivery app, and cure your homesick blues if you live outside Bengal – because they deliver globally!

A fishy love affair

Bengali’s innate love for fish has now gone digital as the State Fisheries Development Corporation of Bengal will launch a fish delivery app for mobile tomorrow, through which customers can order a wide array of fish and fish related products at the click of a button. This comes at the onset of the three day fish festival that is going to be held at Nalban food park.

Do you love to each maach-bhaat but love to eat lyaadh as well? Then this fish delivery app would be perfect for you! Order at the click of a button and voila, there’s fish at your doorstep!

What can you order through this fish delivery app?

Tired of eating the same old boring fish everyday at lunch? Now, with this fish delivery app, you can avail 2 varieties of fish, 7 varieties of dried fish (that means more shutki maach for the Bangals!) as well as fish pickles. Yum!

Where can you get them?

Initially these products will be available in packets of 250 g, 500 g and 1 kg across Salt Lake, Lake Town, Kestopur, Baguihati and Kankurgachi.

Good news for all the Bangalis who live outside Bengal -by next year, these products will be sold throughout the state, country and even abroad. This is sure to keep your homesick blues at bay if you live in another state or abroad because now you can easily get your favourite fish delivered to your doorstep, through this fish delivery app!


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