When CRY Made Us DANCE! Here’s How Kolkatans At Quest Mall Were Swayed By A Flash Mob By CRY


It’s a beautiful Sunday evening and you go to the mall with your family to shop for the upcoming Bengali New Year – Poila Boishakh. You may decide to catch up with friends and have a hearty meal or munch on those yum snacks or maybe just watch a movie.
You go about doing your thing and suddenly out of nowhere; you see a group of about 32 dancers and 15 volunteers who clap and go about in a circle and before you know it, you witness a flash mob with a very strong social message.

How cool is that!


Well, this is what happened on Sunday, 26th march, 2017 in Quest mall at 5:20 p.m.  A group of committed people from CRY – Child rights and you, spread social awareness with the theme ‘Support education for children’. This 7-minute hard-hitting musical stint compelled people to think about child education and stop child labour in any form thereby contributing to a healthy growth of our society and country.




Spectators were left bemused but thought-provoked after watching what appeared to be a spontaneous dance group pop up in the suave Quest Mall. 

CRY Flash Mob at Quest Mall

The mall which is home to high- end brands and a sophisticated ambiance has witnessed mid-night sales and huge footfalls earlier but this flash mob was one of its kinds as the crux of it was to spread awareness by dance, music and enacting atrocities upon minors who should be receiving education in-stead of labour. They should be showered with love and affection instead of abuses and slippers.



There were more than 2500 people witnessing the flash mob act which had many glimpses of child labour contrasting with child education.

Initially the people were a little surprised as to what was happening, then they became curious and finally after getting the message they interacted with the volunteers and CRY Team and got more involved with the cause. by support CRY and thereby helping send children back to school.

Those who believe in the cause can support CRY by donating through http://www.cry.org/donations/girl-child/indian-donors/

It is thought provoking how a message that can go un-noticed with the greatest of efforts can grab eye balls through a simple flash mob dance.

This story was brought to you in association with Child Rights And You.


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