Floating Market In Kolkata Is Now A Reality. Here’s Everything You Need To Know!


The opening of the floating market in Kolkata is all set to create history and we can’t wait to be a part of it! Here’s more about it:

Floating market in Kolkata – What’s the deal?

Inspired by the floating markets of Bangkok where water is a major mode of transportation, Kolkata now has a floating market in Kolkata, near Patuli. The market has around 114 boats and 280 shops selling fish, meat, vegetables and groceries. These will be sold in four different sections in the market. There are walkways on the water body, which will help people reach these sections easily. Also, there will be boats on each of these walkways which will be selling goods. 


The floating market is located Baishnabghata Patuli Township near EM Bypass. 

What are the timings and costs?

The floating market in Kolkata will remain open from 6 am to 9 pm. There is no entry-fee for this market.

According to reports, around Rs. 10 crore has been invested in the making of this floating market. 

What’s so special about this floating market in Kolkata?


Apart from being the first floating market in Kolkata, this market will have two aerators, devices that collect oxygen from air and mix it with water. This will ensure that aquatic plants and animals can thrive.

Why was this done?

This floating market will help in rehabilitating sellers who were displaced due to the widening of the EM Bypass. Their businesses will be shifted to the floating market.

Not just a market, but a tourist attraction

Local Councillor Arup Bhattacharya has told the media that this floating market in Kolkata has the potential to become a tourist attraction, much like the Howrah Bridge or Victoria Memorial. 




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