Stop Going to Your Hangout Right Now and Go Visit These Food Trucks


Remember that episode of ‘Eat Street’ where the host of the show is gorging on a cheese dripping burger with a hulk portion of fries on the streets of New York? Yes, those food trucks serving lip-smacking fare, anything from sizzling BBQ to fresh gourmet salads to oh so juicy burgers that left you drooling and how!

Well wish no more, because that ‘shizz’ you saw on TV is rolling right on the streets of our very own city, Kolkata. Yes precious, food trucks are no longer a dream in Kolkata− the hip and happening young entrepreneurs have started exploring this paradigm of the food industry and, must say they are killing it!

Guess enough of banter and you probably want me to shut up and just tell you all about these food trucks already, right? Well, here you go…

Agdum Bagdum

Food trucks in Kolkata

Location: Ekdalia Park
Timings: 1:30pm to 9pm
Speciality: American/Mexican Street Food

This food truck has been dishing out some great American/Italian/ Mexican fare to the crowd near Ekdalia Park, just off Gariahat. The Chef’s recommendation here is Chicken/Mutton Kabiraji burger and Fries to go with it.

Food trucks in Kolkata

They also happen to serve a very interesting take on the usual spaghetti, what they have is a unique combination of Italian and Chinese flavours into one meal− essentially it is spaghetti served the Chinese way but at the same time retaining some of its Italian roots.

TGIF (Thank God It’s Fresh)

Food trucks in Kolkata

Location: Right in front of Calcutta Rowing Club’s Main Gate
Timings: 5am to 8pm
Speciality: Fresh & Healthy Gourmet Food

The name and colour of this food truck, perhaps, says it aloud what it stands for− Fresh and Healthy! Started by an actual US return Kolkattan exasperated by the usual MNC work-life, this food truck is the realisation of an American dream here in Kolkata.

Food trucks in Kolkata

The Chef’s recommendation here is Veg/Non-veg Sandwich and Watermelon Juice to go with.

Hungry Hands   

Food trucks in Kolkata

Location: In front of Lake Mall near Lake Market
Timings: 2pm to 10pm
Speciality: Calcuttan Street Food

This Food truck is the product of hard labour and dedication by the owner himself− you will find him driving and managing this restaurant on wheels with a hearty smile. The Chef’s recommendation is something that goes by the name ‘Fusion’− comes in two forms, veg and non-veg, this dish is a combination of rice and noodles served with Manchurian and prawn chips if you go for the non-veg version. They mainly serve the usual street foods that are, fried rice, noodles, baby corn and chicken mains.

Special Mention: Though not adhering to the typical ‘Food Truck’ concept, this being the city’s first and oldest food truck we have included it in the article.

Cooks on Wheels

Location: Esplanade
Timings: 3:30pm to 10:30pm
Speciality: Rolls and Battered Fish Fry

Out of all the food trucks plying in Kolkata, this is the oldest of them all and it is of no doubt that they’ve been around since the time when hardly any of us had a concept of food truck in our minds. What they serve is the typical Fast food joints serve everywhere in Kolkata. The difference, though, is that no food joint in Kolkata can give you the experience of food right out of the kitchen unto your hands while you stand right in the main square of Esplanade with the prodigious architectural history in sight.


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