You Don’t Go To The Ilish, The Ilish Comes To You! Fresh Fish Delivery Now In Kolkata


Kolkata and fish are, perhaps, synonymous and there’s no doubt how much we love to eat fish. Give a Kolkattan a fish and he’s the happiest soul on Earth. If you want to get some work done, lure a Kolkattan with fish and consider the job done. But how often do we go to the fish market and find the freshest and best quality fish is available? Quite rare, no? Wouldn’t it be great if a batch of fresh fish was delivered right at your doorstep without the hassle of going to the market all the way and bargaining with the vendor for a possibly sub-standard fish? Well, giddy up because fresh fish delivery is now available in Kolkata.

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Yes! Fresh fish of your choice will be delivered right at your doorstep and it’s just a call away.

Thanks to the State Fisheries Development Corporation (SDFC), fresh fish of any variety and species can be delivered to your home. The initiative has already begun in the Garia – Santoshpur belt and will soon be launched in Salt Lake and New Town. The service is known as ‘Dial a Fish’ and is already being availed by a lot of residents in its service area.

How to order?

According to SDFC, the delivery order needs to be placed a day before your intended requirement of fish over SMS, email or telephone. If you want the fish to be delivered in the morning, you have to call the evening before and if you want the fish in the evening then you can place the order by 12 noon of the same day. The fresh fish delivery is done by SDFC staff on a motorcycle fitted with an insulated polymer to keep the fish fresh.

Is it gonna cost a premium to have the fish delivered?   

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The good news is SDFC will not charge a dime extra for delivering fish to your home, in fact their prices are at least Rs.20-25 lower than the usual market rates. Only if you require frozen or cut-variety of fish, there will be a certain charge because there’s a processing cost involved.


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So as we all know Pujo is coming and there’s no better reason for anyone in Kolkata to Indulge in a rich fishy affair with friends and family. And now that fresh fish delivery is available in Kolkata, there’s all the more reason to feast on.



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