Ahoy Fried Chicken Lovers! Get Fried Chicken in Kolkata For Only Re 1 At This Restaurant


Craving some fried chicken but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket? This newly opened restaurant at Park Circus 7 Point Crossing (opposite Islamia Hospital) is here to make your day.
With budget-friendly prices and good quality food, Mr. Fat Bird is a convenient alternative for other high-end fried chicken outlets in the city.

Mr. Fat Bird is located at the 7 point crossing in Park Circus. As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted with posters of funny and quirky chicken memes all across the walls. One of them has a picture of Gabbar and Thakur, with Gabbar saying, “Ye wings mujhe de de Thakur”.

Mr. Fat Bird represents everything that the average millennial loves – memes and fried chicken!

What’s on offer?

A succulent, juicy piece of fried chicken with the perfect amount of crisp on the outside and tender chicken on the inside– and you know you can’t go wrong with fried chicken!

How do you avail this offer?

It’s pretty simple really. Order something at Mr. Fat Bird and add Re. 1 to it to (basically) get a free piece of crispy, juicy chicken. You also need to ‘check-in’ at the restaurant on social media, preferably Facebook, and voila, enjoy your fried chicken for only Re. 1.

Love Crispy fried Chicken?

Avail this amazing offer


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