Fried Chicken Gully of Kolkata – A Hidden Paradise For All Chicken Lovers


A great man once rightly said “Remember the guy/girl who said they are ready to die for your love? Well, Chicken actually died for you. Chicken is true love!”

The crispy crumb, the juicy chicken, the steam that erupts as you bite into it, aah, thank god for chicken.

Yes, like us, if chicken is true love for you, then fried chicken is heavenly.

And if fried chicken is heavenly for you then Fried Chicken Gully of Kolkata is Heaven for you!

Yes. We have heaven in Kolkata in the form of a street dotted with Fried Chicken Cafes and restaurants!

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Wondering where the street is? Well don’t worry. We won’t be the villains and keep such precious info from you!

The Fried Chicken Gully of Kolkata is in Samsul Huda Road or New Kasia Bagan Lane, behind Quest Mall.


Now call it sheer co-incidence or a well-executed plan but it so happens that the short stretch of street on Samsul Huda Road (the road that passes adjacent to Quest Mall Gate No. 5) has a number of outlets that specialize in prepping the most lip smacking of Fried Chicken one can imagine.

From the KFC style crumb Fried Chicken to boneless Chicken Strips, Hot Wings and Burgers, you name it and these shops at Fried Chicken Gully have it!

Here’s a look at the top shops there

Food Rocks Café (FRC)

The most professional out of the lot, Food Rocks Café also houses the largest variety of chicken items, including kebabs and an array of coolers to choose from.

While the Fried Chicken is a must try here, the Afghani Kebab cannot be given a miss under any circumstance! From the service to the food, the folks here live to make your Fried Chicken experience heavenly.


Address: B9/H/5, New Kasia Bagan Lane (Shamsul Huda Road)

Contact: +91 7044666025/4


Shaina Chicken Corner

Right adjacent to FRC is this gem. Shaina Chicken Corner is the pioneer of Roast Chicken in this lane, with its roots deeply immersed there from more than 7 years.

From the Shaina Special Roasted Chicken to the Chicken Changezi this place is as no non sense as it gets.
This is the only shop in the lane to have multiple outlets though.

shainaAddress: B9/H/5, New Kasia Bagan Lane (Shamsul Huda Road)

Contact: +91 9903776178



SKFC or Shaina Krispy Fry Chicken is a part of the Shaina chain and is the tiniest outlet in the Fried Chicken Gully. But don’t let the size fool you. Churning out some of the crispiest, spiciest and juiciest chicken from their pocket sized kitchen, SKFC makes an impression that is sure to linger in your taste buds for quite some time!

skfcAddress: 9/H/7, New Kasia Bagan Lane (Shamsul Huda Road)

Contact: +91 9903776178


HBFC Food Funda

This place draws inspiration from the others but manages to stand out in the crowd through its courteous service, huge variety of combos and relatively less commotion.
If you love fried chicken and you want to eat it in peace, HBFC is where you ought to be!

hbfcAddress: 15/1A, Shamsul Huda Road

Contact: +91 9681094738


SBFC Food Funda Restaurant


The last outlet in the Fried Chicken Gully, but in no way the least, SBFC is over a year old now. Owned and run by an interesting duo, SBFC is the result of the Fried Chicken bug that the city is bitten by.

The Fried Chicken here scores more than the Kebabs!

Address: 17/B, Shamsul Huda Road

Contact: +91 7044378017


From the latest bikes to the biggest cars, all can found lining up outside these places at the Fried Chicken Gully of Kolkata for their evening dose of the heavenly fried chicken.

You might just find us treating ourselves to this addiction of Fried Chicken at the Gully any of the evenings if you ever happen to drop by!



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