You Can Now Play Golf At Eco Park & Feel All Posh! We Have All The Details


Yes, you read that right. Now you can play golf at Eco Park, Kolkata!

Eco-Park at Rajarhat now has a semi-functional golf course open. Golf, as a sport has been increasing in popularity through the years in Kolkata. However, if you were a golf enthusiast, entry into the sport may have always been a difficulty if you were not a member of one of the bigger clubs in the city. Now with the golf course at Eco Park, accessibility to the elite sport has never been easier.

All You Need To Know About Playing Golf at Eco Park

The golf course is still under construction though. Currently it has a fully functional driving range with 12 stands and a course with 5 holes. There are projections of expansion for the driving range with increased public interest and a 9-holed golf course.

Unlike a lot of rumors, this is not a mini-golf course or a semi golf course. This is a full-fledged golf course where one can look forward to play as a complete experience. The golfing facilities can be used for free by members of New Town Business Club, those with Eco Park’s morning walker cards (which costs Rs 200 from the curator of Eco Park) and those staying at the Ekante cottages inside the park.

Pocket pinch?

Neil Law, the individual taking care of the adventure sports in Eco Park is now looking after the golf course. He brought us up to date on the exact costs- which are Rs 600 for a monthly pass, Rs 100 for a bucket of 50 balls on weekdays and Rs 200 on the weekends, also if needed an additional Rs 100 is the price to hire clubs. Trainers would cost Rs 1,000 upwards depending on the skill of the trainer, but they will look to give waivers to school or college going students.

There is also a really beautiful café where one can take a break from their game and enjoy watching others tee off while sipping on some premium teas.

Timings for the range are from 6am to 9am and 4 to 6.30pm, students will be allowed a special time to practice from 2.30 to 4pm.

They are really trying to make golf more accessible as a sport not only for those who lived further away from South Kolkata which houses the two major golf courses on Kolkata but also to the upcoming youth who slowly is taking a growing interest in this beautiful sport.



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