19 Experiences You’ll Instantly Relate To If You’ve Grown Up In Kolkata


Growing up in the city of joy is a gift in itself— a childhood unparalleled to growing up anywhere else in the world. We belong to the proud generation that was born and brought up in Calcutta and then grew into Kolkata.

Ours is considered the cheapest metropolitan city, life here allows us enough time for ‘adda’, ‘lyadh’, ‘kalchaar’ and ‘pet pujo’. We are said to be the laid-back lot (that, of course, has changed a lot) but isn’t that the beauty of our beloved city? It can go from dead to happening in a matter of hours. Though we don’t have the fast pace of other metros yet we excel in our tardy spirit.

Growing up in Calcutta, we’ve had an amazing childhood that our present generation may most probably never experience. We are the ones who’ve seen it all— from a sluggish lifestyle to a fast growing phase, we have been-there-done-that and adapted in the best possible way. These days, with our addiction to social media and everything hi-fi, gadgets are almost like an extension of our body parts. Somewhere between schooling and working, life happened. We grew up with the advancement in technologies and have everything at the tip of our fingers but have unfortunately lost out on the simple pleasure of life that we enjoyed while growing up as ‘bhodro chele or may’

Don’t we all just want to slow down sometimes, take a break, and bounce back to our happy tension-free days of utter bliss? Back then when we were simple kids with basic needs. The wonderful experiences of our golden days of childhood can never return so here we are reminiscing the past. Let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and ring some bells of our lost childhood days; the times when we were just too cool (or so we thought).

App cabs, extended metro lines, innumerable flyovers, seems like Calcutta grew up too fast. For us, our laid back tram and rickshaw rides were enough to suffice for a lifetime of joy rides. If you grew up in Kolkata you must have experienced one or more of these, which brings back a sweet nostalgia of memories every time you look back in time:

1. Frequent visits to Millennium Park and school trips to Nicco Park or Science City where the dinosaur (extinct) welcomed us.


2. The Yellow Taxi was the only cabbie!


3. Music world and Third Millennium, the video game parlour, were what made Park Street happening for us.


4. A trip to Digha was a compulsory vacation.


5. Salt lake? Rajarhat? New town? Did you ever think that you would be frequenting these places?

IMG_3734-for-website-slider6. Sundays were all about Shaktiman, Chandrakanta and Doordarshan.


7. We would go to watch the fountain show at Victoria which was usually followed by a Horse and carriage ride.


8. Watched blockbuster films in single screen movie halls with plastic chairs at Elite, Paradise, Metro, and the likes.


9. Watched P.C. Sorcar’s famous magic shows.


10. Used Kerosene lamps or Emergency lights during the frequent load-sharings as soon as summers arrived.


11. While in Shree Ram Arcade, the transparent capsule lift was its main attraction.


12. All out? Nah! Many of us would sleep with the moshari enwrapping the bed from all four sides!


13. Monsoon meant water-logging and that meant sudden school holidays which gave us ample time to set sail our paper boats to far off lands.


14. A visit to the mela and circus shows was a luxury of sorts.


15. We were high on Re.1 pepsi, magic pops, chocki, roll-a-cola, popins, pan pasand, mango bytes, google, big babool, finger chips, sweet watch candy, centre shock and Charlie chaplin phantom cigarette pressed perfectly between our lips upped our swag. Milo was the secret of our energy.



16. Games meant playing with marbles, tops (lattoo), running-catching, hop-scotch, chain-chain, Kit kit, game boy, ferris wheel, super Mario, chidiya ud, seven stones, killer killer, chor police, rock paper scissors, playing with thin tyres and sticks.


17. Gamer with its brick game was our play station.


18. Monkey caps were a compulsory accessory during winters. Well they still are!


19. Our water bottles were heavier than our school bags.


Cheers to those beautiful moments of our lives. Some of which we’ll probably never be able to re-live.



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