We Found Probably The Fanciest Chai Wala of Kolkata! – Gulab Chai @ Nimtola Ghat


Kolkata is famous for three things— Culture, heritage and Chai served in a bhaand. As much as we love to rave over football matches between Mohan Bagan and East Bengal, there’s no love like the love for chai in Bhaand.

So much so, that there’s a good deal of the state’s population dedicated to making bhaands just for that steaming hot chai served at that Paara’r dokaan. And you can mess with anything but the chai, but there are people who love to experiment and one such result of that is the Gulab Chai.

Gulab Chai, are you serious?

Yes, we found this epic tea shop at Nimtala Burning Ghat that sells the one of a kind Gulab Chai and people love it too. And as much as it may seem odd to mix Gulab Jal (rose water) with the classic chai, this tea seller has made this his living since time immemorial.

Now how do to find this one of kind tea shop?

While heading towards Nimtala Ghat from Kumartuli Ghat you’ll see the shop on your right. (Look for the shop which sells both litti and Gulab Chai under one roof) Basically a two in one shop selling Gulab Chai and Litti Chokha.

Simply click here to know the exact location of the Gulab Chai shop. 

This special chai is made of heavy milk and then a dash of rose water is added to it along with a generous helping of malai on top. And a tulsi leaf is added at last to end it in style. A serving of Gulab chai will set you back by Rs. 20, and yes it may seem a tad bit high by chai standards but you don’t get the special additions anywhere else in the entire city.

Now if that’s not one hell of an intriguing kind of chai then we don’t know what is.

When are you heading out for the Gulab Chai?


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