Haunted or Just Flaunted? Catching Up With The ‘Living Treasure Trove of Kolkata’s Heritage’ – Rangan Datta on the issue of Haunted Places in Kolkata


Much like our love for Biryani and Rosogolla, there are certain key elements that pique the interest of every Kolkatan.

Yes, we’re talking about those feeling common to all us folks from Kolkata. Be it entering the AC Bus Stand on a summer afternoon or a free ride on the metro when the gates are not functional, these are feelings which can have no replacements.

One such area which grips the attention of all from Kolkata is ‘Haunted Places in the city’! Yes, the quest (or fear) of the paranormal and the curiosity embedded in our Bengali genes coupled with the ancient structures that the city is home to make Kolkatans uncontrollably excited about Haunted places in Kolkata.


Be it the cling of the payal in Putulbari or the book-reading spirits in National Library, there is no denying the fact that when isolated, they can send a chill down your spine. But then again imagine being the only person in lets say Howrah Station, gosh, its scary to imagine yourself all alone with no one around there even during the day!


But sticking to our norms of being true to our readers, we decided to verify these so called ‘Haunted Places in Kolkata’ with the help of an expert. And when it comes to Kolkata and heritage, there can be no one senior to Mr Rangan Datta.

So flock to Rangan da we did to get his view on these tales of hauntings. Here’s how it went down.

Haunted Or Just Flaunted?


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