Here’s All You Need to Identify the Kolkata Biryani


Prepare yourself for what we are going to talk about now is a matter of no joke. It is a highly sensitive topic and a huge part of all our lives. Yes, we are talking about heaven on a platter, the authentic, perfect and irresistible ‘Kolkata Biryani’. The magical word that changes your mood even after the worst of days. The gateway to paradise and the reason you’re already craving for it.

Now the world is not all that simple and easy. And the Biryani as we know it is always in constant threat from all over the world. Some add too much of spice to it. Other have the audacity of not adding ‘aloo’ to the Biryani and there are a different species of losers that have their Biryani with ‘gravy’ in it.

Check out this video to see what Kolkata thinks about Biryani!

So! In the battle of protecting the authentic heavenly taste of the Kolkata Biryani, here’s us to the rescue!

Here’s Busting the Biryani Myth for Bengalis

1st commandment


kolkata biryani 1

2nd commandment


kolkata biryani 2

3rd commandment


kolkata biryani 3


4th commandment


kolkata biryani 4

5th commandment


kolkata biryani 5

6th commandment




  1. I really like the kolkata biryani.. But, I feel hyderabadi biryani is better.. Its my personal opinion.. Because I like spicy food.. Kolkata biryani is not too spicy.. And also the spicy gravy that gets served with hyderabadi biryani is just too gud.. Yummy!!


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