Here’s The Map Showing All The Traffic Speed Cameras in Kolkata. No More Over-speeding!


With the rate of road-accidents increasing on Kolkata roads increasing by the day, it is no news that the streets in Kolkata are not for the faint-hearted.

Driving in Kolkata is nothing short of a challenge. From the mini-bus that overtakes you, only to stop just a couple of meters ahead to the car in front of you at a signal, moving at a snail’s pace, crossing just in time to get the green light but ensuring you get the red; driving in Kolkata is patience testing and can break the best of drivers.

With pot-holes in the alley, uneven tarring on the by-lanes and a clog almost everywhere, what do drivers in Kolkata do when they find an empty stretch of road?

They jam the accelerator for some momentary relief from the traffic engulfing all throughout!


Well, if you’re one of those drivers that wait for an empty stretch to quickly touch triple digits on the speedo and let the adrenaline kick compensate for the traffic up ahead, there’s grim news for you.

1D81B911-B427-4D12-AD71-DDB5D10A9A78-optAs a road-safety measure and rightly so, the city has been dotted with speed-cams that show your current speed and capture your picture if you are found driving above the speed limit.

Now mind you, these cams have been installed at accident prone stretches, clearly indicating the importance of being overly cautious in these areas.

How the cameras work

The devices send out a highly focused laser beam, aiming a specific point of a car, like its bonnet, headlight or windshield. It is almost impossible to detect and respond to this kind of speed gun fast enough to avoid a speeding ticket.

As most of us are not aware how fast we are driving, speed indicators are attached to the devices.

826B6C9B-FEBF-4B74-98E3-3B0F044E4D2C-optSo as a safety measure, and to warn you in advance of these speed cams we made countless rounds of the primary roads in Kolkata to be able to put together a map of these speed cams. The map has been possible only because of the generous help from Debarshi Duttagupta.


3 (1)-opt

The red dots indicate the position of the speed cameras


scn city-opt

The red dots indicate the position of the speed cameras



The red dots indicate the position of the speed cameras


  1. These are closely calculated and plotted points. We DO NOT ascertain the exact locations of the speed cameras.

2. The intention of the post is to encourage our readers to drive safe and always under the speed limits.

3. We are aware we haven’t been able to cover all the locations with speed cameras, the 2nd part of this is also under process

Special thanks to members of R.O.A.D, the forum for all enthusiasts behind the wheels.



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