3 Hidden Bheris in Kolkata That Are Perfect For A Winter Family Picnic Getaway


Previously, our story on 4 hidden locations in Kolkata got a tremendous response and with queries pouring in regularly for more such pristine locations in Kolkata, we decided to dig in a little more about such hidden locations in Kolkata that you and I can visit for a quick escape from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Now it is well-known that till even a decade back, a lot of places that we call townships, many posh housings and numerous new localities in and around Kolkata were indeed marshy wet lands.

And the wet-lands on East Kolkata along E.M. By Pass are home to some virgin bheris that will almost immediately transport you away from the everyday din. Well, if you’re still wondering, then a bheri is a fish pond that is used to breed different variety of fish. In fact, a huge proportion of the fish that we eat every day comes from these bheris around us.

The most interesting feature of all these places is that each of them come in the path of almost all of our everyday travel route and passed by with just an unaware glance. And a simple diversion from the same old everyday route can land you in these places, perfect for some solitude.

Let’s start with a rather not-so-hidden one

The bheri at Godrej Waterside

Well, some rush here for a quick smoke-break during office hours from the nearby work places and others come here to spend some of the much coveted ‘me time’ by the unadulterated surrounding that this place offers.


On a windy evening, one can see a lot of people flocking to the shore of the bheri for some post-work relaxation before heading home. This place also makes for an awesome view of the skyline of Salt Lake Sector 5 and is a photographers’ paradise.


While some call is the ‘end of the world’ others call it ‘the island’.

The best way to enter the wetlads is past the SDF Building in Salt Lake Sector V. One can explore the place and retrace their steps back to SDF

Nuner Bheri

This place is a perfect example of a treasure trove hiding right under your nose!

From the isolated pathway to the location, to the feeling of being in a middle of nowhere in under a minute, Nuner Bheri is a hidden gem among the vast wet lands that is comparable to a virgin exotic spot.


The simplest directions to this place would be: While driving towards Science City from Chingrighata, turn left from the traffic signal at Metropolitan bus stop opposite ‘Bye Pass Dhaba’. There will be a narrow road leading you to the place.


Apart from a small childern’s park, this place also has the option for paddle boating. Or you can simply let all the silence and calm sink in in joyful solitude as we prefer it.

Also, if bird watching is your thing, you’ll have a gala time here.

Sukantanagar Samity Bheri

As far as views go, this place has the best among the lot. While coming from Nicco Park, take the left turn before Sukantanagar bus stop, just before reaching Nabajyoti Sporting Club. A short straight road takes you to this place.


There are strips of land separating the bheris and the view that’s on offer is to kill for. The best part here though is that if you can strike a rapport with the fishermen there, they wouldn’t mind taking you for a short spin on their boat.


With the concrete jungle fading away in the horizon and not a single trace of modernity in vicinity this place is surely the most secluded of the lot.



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