When Was The Last Time You Posted a Letter? Hondo’s Kolkata Is Keeping The Tradition Alive


In a world where our phones never stop buzzing, most people shy away from the idea of writing for leisure. Instant communication with the click of a button has taken over our social lives and we have forgotten what it feels like to receive something in the mail which is not a bill. Hondo’s Kolkata has come up with a solution to these woes!

When was the last time you sat down and actually wrote a handwritten letter? To bring back the charm of old school communication, popular city eatery Hondo’s Kolkata encourages you to write handwritten postcards to a loved one. They will provide you with postcards and send out them out on your behalf.

“We want people to reconnect over handwritten letters, and bring back postcards – hence we have taken this initiative. We give a postcard to every customer who comes to Hondo’s, and then we deliver them to the post office,”

– Swarnaditya Das, owner of Hondo’s Kolkata

Handwritten postcards carry more emotion and meaning that a mundane social media post and we’re sure that in this day and age, you’d be more psyched to get a letter in the mail than to receive another notification on Facebook! 

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Apart from their postcard writing initiative, Hondo’s will make your dining experience memorable by clicking a photo of you and your gang and will event print it for you! How cool is that? 

So are you heading to Hondo’s soon?


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