The Everyday Struggles of an IIHM Kolkata Student


There-is-always-something-to-be-thankful-for-fo-websiteA student faces issues galore the moment one takes the dreaded ICSE exams that all parents have been ranting about since eternity. Once that is dealt with comes the frustration of coming to a closure on the stream to adopt and once that is also overcome, there dawns on us the worst nightmare of all- Which college should one get into? What should one study? Now, as a child we all may be very inspired by Feluda and would want to walk down the bylanes of Kolkata, solving every mystery but as fate has it, not everyone is cut off for a life that interesting. Yet, what if we tell you that life isn’t that big a bore after all. The ‘spicy’ life inside a kitchen, the inside gossips being revealed at the back office of a hotel and the gruelling yet exciting task of hospitality are everything an IIHM student swears by.

Everything sounds like a breeze but once it comes down to the battle ground only the victorious have the best tales to tell. Falak Rashid, a student of the International Institute of Hotel Management was at loggerheads with herself after having taken up English honours. In her heart of hearts she knew there was a different life awaiting her. IIHM came as the blessing in disguise for her in her life. Just not her, many other hotel management students rant about the same blessings they have received.

But is college life that easy? Everyone knows it’s more than just bunking classes, running down to the nearest canteen for a quick bite and getting the degree. The life of a student of IIHM is equally taxing with that element of zing to it.

Here’s a sneak peek into the life of an IIHM student.

1. The sleeping ‘beauty’


Now we all know the pain of waking up and having to look prim and proper from dawn to dusk. Smudged eyeliners, undone ties, untucked shirts and unpolished shoes are a no show at IIHM. A presentable person is always more warm to approach at the hospitality desk than an unkempt one. Hence, grooming will be the number one priority of every IIHM student.

2. The constant dilemma of racing against time


For those living in South Kolkata- How many times have you regretted not waking up to the first call of your alarm and not constantly putting it on snooze? The journey to Salt Lake is a long drive in itself. Let us warn you though, at peak hours, it’s not quite a leisure drive. The innumerable number of shuttles and AC buses that ply to the ever so confusing Salt Lake stop at Webel More or College More which is followed by a short walk into the campus will leave you checking your watch every now and then in regret. A second late and the attendance registers automatically refuse to open although you may attend classes like an obedient student all day trying to keep up with your attendance demands.

3. Piggy banks shrinking by the day


Daily expenditures range from Rs 100 to Rs 150. It may sound like a meagre amount but at the end of the month when you finally break open your piggy banks, a handful of coins are the only things you can scream in glee about. Not to mention the innumerable number of street food stalls including Raju Da’s shop, Denzong Kitchen and Pahar Ki Rani spending those notes at.

4. Lost and found? Raju Da knows


Nobody ever goes missing from IIHM as the patent hangout spot owner, Raju Da, is the Sherlock Holmes of the area. Bunking classes? Hitting on someone? Secretly lighting a smoke? Hiding from professors? It all happens here at Raju Da’s, and boy does he know them all! Personally knowing each one by their names, he has made a corner for himself in every IIHM students’ hearts.

5. Recovering from the world in itself


Salt Lake defines professionalism and nobody would venture in that area without a purpose. Being the commercial and educational hub of Kolkata, every IIHM student feels like they have been swept into a different world altogether. Webel More, SDF and College More have seen two to three generations of techies, students and the like trying to make a mark in the world. Hence, every IIHM student believes that they wouldn’t have their college anywhere else. There is no place they’d rather be.

6. At least one page in the passport will definitely be stamped

IMG-20170212-WA0014The summer or winter internships that students are allotted to hone their culinary and hospitality skills abroad get a big thumbs up from every IIHM student. The Kolkata airport has seen many students flying off into an arena of professionalism where they get a forum to earn a few bucks, explore the world beyond the borders of the country and come back more experienced. After all, what’s better than some first hand experience of spilling wine on the customers dress and remembering to be careful the next time?

7. Once a hotelier, always a hotelier

IMG-20170212-WA0008Managing the operations of hotels, restaurants and other firms always thrive amidst humility and diligence, something every IIHM student have efficiently inculcated in themselves over the course of the three years spent in the corridors of the Salt Lake campus. We recommend visiting their Food Fests for a glimpse of the quality service they render even at a college level fest. Kudos to their patience and of course their insane culinary skills that reap out the best results on the plate.

The world is at IIHM , we are sure, and the world is at their feet once they have graduated. The backbone of every successful gathering or meeting you host at the best hotels and the smooth functioning of the processes are all thanks to a student who had once travelled the distance in the City of Joy and sweated it out in the campus kitchens.

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