India Speed Week – The Kolkata Perspective


A Lamborgini revving in one corner, seeing which a Porsche gets in the mood too.

Eyes lock… Revs begin to rise… Tyres begin to screech and off they launch, unleashing their beasts in their natural habitats!

Nope, this isn’t a scene from the ‘The Fast & The Furious’ movies, it’s not even the childhood favourite game-Need For Speed!

Well, this is what Kolkata witnessed all of last week at the Behala Flying Club.



Welcome to India Speed Week. The three day extravaganza celebrating speed, adrenaline and glamour.

An event that brought together, for the very first time, drag racing teams and speedsters across various automobile segments and categories, to Kolkata.

Governed by the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) and managed by Elite Octane Inc., ISW 2016 placed Kolkata on the national and international airstrip racing map.

It was a moment that will be etched in history in the years to come as India’s city of joy, witnessed a full throttle of speeding cars and bikes at the Behala Flying Club air-strip with more than 7,000 people pouring in to witness it.


The event spread over three days was a splendid speed fest, which brought down the curtains on the competition on 9th Dec 2016. The fest unveiled a number of thrilling experiences including drag racing, auto-car expo, test drives, adventure sports, glamour and entertainment concoct amongst others, all under one roof!


India Speed Week 2016 took the glamour quotient several notches higher by roping in the self-acclaimed bike fanatic and speed lover John Abraham who flagged off the event on the inaugural day. Expressing his excitement of being part of this adventurous journey, he said, “It gives me immense pleasure to be here at India Speed Week 2016 surrounded by the fastest cars and bikes burning up the tarmac where Speed is the King!”


Mr. Amit Kumar Modi, Chairman, ISW said, ‘’It has always been my dream to do a Drag Racing event with cars and bikes, what better than to flag it off in my own city, Kolkata. The moment the idea germinated within me, I started executing it.  Together we envision making this a franchise for the future years to come. Without holding anything back, we have kept the scale of the event big and will continue to strive to make it bigger with every year’’.


The ISW also featured an envious collection of cars in the form of the ISW’2016 Autocar Expo. The event had reached the epitome of uniqueness wherein it witnessed not only drag racing event but catered to fulfill an annual social event. A dedicated Auto Expo featuring stalls zone displaying Indian labels as well as premium international, proved to be the cynosure of all eyes at the speed-fest. The full-fledged auto-car and bike arena occupied by high-end automobiles included Mahindra, Suzuki, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Mini Cooper, Indian, Polaris, Skoda, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Honda, Triumph, Kawasaki, KTM, Hexa, Jaguar, Vintage Cars.

Actor Jackie Shroff, expressing his excitement of being part of this adventurous journey, said, “Guys, here at Indian Speed Week 2016 enjoy speed at the safest”.

Actor Anil Kapoor made the awards ceremony the crowning moment of the speed-fest, while felicitating the stars of the drag race he said, “India Speed Week 2016 has given talented racers a platform to display their passion and the urge to drag, in a much safer and secured environment, Kudos to India Speed Week’2016.”


What Kolkata Had to say

Simran Gupta, the only female bike racer at the event with her Royal Enfiend 350 classic not only won hearts but excelled in the race as well.


“From the beginning I would race with boys so when I got to know that drag racing event was being organized in Kolkata, I was very excited. It feels amazing. I have participated in track racing before but in Kolkata this is my first drag race. I started riding when I was 13yrs old and the Royal Enfield is my 9th bike.” Her dream is to purchase a Kawasaki Z800 and drag with her daughter. “Speed means a lot to me, in life you need speed to achieve anything. Safety is very necessary, take proper precautions and wear proper safety equipments.”

Speaking about the competition, she said, “I am not at all bothered about whom I am competing against all I want to do is give my best, I know that I am no less than an guy out there”
Simran bagged a podium finish!

Dr Parikshit Bhattacharyya, Chief Doctor in charge at the event


“First and foremost, it was a flawless event from my perspective, as there wasn’t a single accident or injury. Kudos to the officials who enforced safety as the number-1 priority.
Being a motorcycle enthusiast myself, it was extra special to watch the action from so close, and since I got the best seat in the house (at the start line), I made the most of it.
Finally, I so wished I could have been a participant, but being the Chief Doctor, I had to ensure that our medical team was on their toes. So maybe next time”

Jignesh Thakkar, owner B.P. Roadies premium biking accessories shop in Kolkata


It was his first time drag racing and he was filled with enthusiasm. “Safety is sexy, there is no fear because I have worn all my safety equipments.
This is like a dream come true for me, I have been waiting for this day since 34yrs and I don’t want to miss it. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose it is the zeal and fun of participating that is so thrilling.” He was riding a Ninja 300 in the race. He also added, “I want to be an inspiration to my son. I want to tell him if your dad can do it so can you.”


Gibran Khalil, motovlogger, officially fastest superbiker in Kolkata


“I was excited about the event because for the 1st time an event like this was happening in Kolkata and there were a lot of entries” said the proud owner of a Suzuki Hayabusa

With an ET of 9.67 and total time of 10.211 Gibran stood fastest in Kolkata and 5th among all.

Also known as the Highway Man, here's a look at Gibran's Vlog


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