Is this abandoned factory in Kolkata actually haunted?


For decades, people living near Jessop & Co.’s wagon manufacturing plant on Jessore Road near Dumdum used the sirens set off by the company several times a day to keep track of their daily routine. Jessop & Co, one of the oldest manufactures in the country suspended operations a few years back. So when we heard local residents citing instances and experiences that the 70 acre factory can still be felt buzzing on certain nights, we went exploring.


Haunted or not?

When a 225 year old, 70 acre huge factory shuts down, it takes a lot with it. A place which buzzed for centuries with the voices of 1000s of workers; a home whose walls have witnessed the countless clenches and motions of hundreds of machinery and a temple which has provided livelihood to countless families of the workers cannot just be written off by pulling a plug.


Such a place can be shut off from the world, but residents claim they still feel the dead factory come back to life on certain nights. And although the sirens are no longer heard, the constant buzz of thousands of men working and the clang of heavy equipment can still be felt.

A walk around the premises and the gloom almost instantaneously seeps in. The atmosphere suddenly feels heavy and at the back of your head you can feel that you are not alone. Yet, the gigantic structure, with all its rustic grandeur lures you in and as much as your mind tells you to go back, you walk deeper into the mysterious din in the oblivion.


Imagine, the place where you’re standing had built the country’s first iron bridge over the Gomti at Lucknow in 1815. The first steam boat to sail over Indian waters was built there and workers from there were part of the team that built Parliament House in New Delhi.

For years, the place was much more than a workplace to thousands of people but the decay of the factory still echoes the life of yesteryear.


There were multiple reasons for the factory to shut down. From general lack in demand to local political and union problems, a horde of elements finally brought the mammoth down. Perhaps, the place still tries to break the shackles and does come to life on mysterious nights every once in a while or maybe the local residents yearning the days of glory of the factory imagine the ‘paranormal’ activity, after all, it is not easy accepting the fact that the makers of the 2nd Hooghly bridge are no longer functional.


If you too are consumed by the yester-year glory that the city used to bask in, or simply have a bug in you to explore lesser known hauntings in Kolkata then a visit to the rustic factory is a must. So is this abandoned factory in Kolkata actually haunted? Your call!



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