It is World Autism Day, and We Have A Proposal for You


In a time and age, where anxiety and depression is the new cool, we wish autism enjoyed the same level of popularity. Imagine, if you had flu and but couldn’t talk about it with your friends. Just picture, not receiving love and care, from your relatives and friends, when you are down with malaria, and being isolated for being sick! Well, this is just a snippet from the life of those who suffer from Autism, or for that matter any other mental illness. This World Autism Day, we want to request you to treat people suffering from mental health as equals.

While there are many movies which depict the struggles of people who are autistic, and Shah Rukh Khan did try his best to emote the plight of those suffering from Asperger’s syndrome; very little has been said and done to de-stigmatize autism.

A condition where people have trouble with social skills, speech, and behavior, autism is just like any other disease. It is 2019 and it isn’t nice to note, that the society still looks down upon those struggling with mental health. In fact, Autism is a very hush-hush topic and most families do not wish to speak about their autistic children, which testifies the lack of awareness on the subject all thanks to the stigma attached to it.

This world Autism day, we are not asking you to sympathize with people suffering from mental health, because trust us when we say, that there have been many who have made huge contributions to the society. In fact, we do not want you to empathize with them as well. However, what we can do is, instead of staring at them disapprovingly treat them as equals, because that is what they are. It is high time that we celebrate neurodiversity and help in removing the stigma attached to mental health.



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