Italy On Your Platter At ITC Italian Week By The Italian Chef Who Loves Biryani! Flabbergasted? We were too!


Think Italy, think beauty, excellent food and artistry. Now imagine all that on your platter. Pick up your spoon/fork and knife and rest assured that you would not want to put them down. Imagine the divine dishes in front of you, hear the sound of the crackling bread as you bite into it, sense the texture, feel the warm presence of it in your mouth and let the aroma entice your appetite. Close your eyes and imagine.

Wondering what we are talking about? Presenting to you, Avanti Italy




Celebrate the Italian Week, which is seven days of signature Italian Cuisine, the first of its kind to be held worldwide in 130 countries.

West View Bar & Grill at ITC Sonar hosts this unique event showcasing the theme of the Week of the Kitchen with the focus on The Extraordinary Italian Taste. Featured are diverse cuisines of Piedmont, Parma and Versilia, highlighting Italian gastronomy as role as an ambassador of excellence in the realm of fine dining. The accent is on authenticity and taste crafted through the use of local products.

After delighting gourmands in Bangalore, Chef Vittorio Greco, with his Michelin starred restaurant in Italy and restaurants in Australia, lends his expertise to the occasion.  His culinary art is firmly rooted in the Italian soil combining traditional flavours with a showman’s flair.



Chef Vittorio Greco with his salt and pepper look, man-bun undercut, and bright smile with style and everything Italian, is wooing the garden city with his mouth-watering delicacies creating divine foodgasm at ITC hotel’s signature restaurant OTTIMO. He is presently in Kolkata for the Italian food festival at West View Bar & Grill at ITC Sonar, catering to our crave for Italian food (other than pizzas, pastas and lasagne).


The overwhelming response that Italian food is getting from the people of Kolkata could be seen when ITC SONAR had held an Italian Gala dinner and there was a queue outside the hotel. This goes to show that the much loved and over-eaten Chinese cuisine has given way to the Italian cuisine (Olive oil, Oregano, Chilli flakes, Rosemary, Cheese, yummm) that has fancied our taste buds and caught up with the city of joy.

On getting candid with the chef, he said,” I love my job. I find it very interesting. It is not only about the money it is about the passion of this job, this profession has made me travel to many places …  … every guest is simple and unique, you have to understand the guest in front of you … when people say, this is a very fussy guest and when you make that person happy … i don’t know how to explain that feeling, It is brilliant.”

Other than Italian cuisine, he likes Japanese and Indian cuisine and his favourite Indian dish is biryani from ITC’s Dum Pukht. His favourite Italian dish is spaghetti Bolognese. The two ingredients that you would always find in his kitchen are extra virgin olive oil and parmigiano.

When asked about his driving force behind becoming a chef, he said that in Italy, when he was younger, he had a big house with lots of people coming over just like Indian houses. It was almost like a little hotel and in Italian culture, the kitchen is the centre of the house and everything happens in the kitchen, not in the living room. He was always around the kitchen and that was maybe his calling.


His menu does not have much classic Italian dishes but it works well. He has been working with ITC from the past 4yrs prior to which he had never worked in India. He says that ITC allows him to do what he does best and that results in his expert cooking style. According to him, the people of India are easy to work with and friendly. People here want to try new things apart from the traditional italian food. Molecular cuisine is more accepted nowadays. People don’t want to be stomach-full, they want to be stomach-satisfied.

To get the perfectly exotic taste, sizzling aromas and heavenly colour of the dish, chef Vittorio Greco imports some of the spices but prefers using local ingredients as much as possible so that it gives the perfectly delectable taste.

So, what are you waiting for? This weekend get ready for a heavenly scrumptious meal at ITC SONAR and give your taste buds an Italian feast.


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