Here’s Where You Can Find The Best Jain Food In Kolkata!


Jain cuisine is a smaller niche within vegetarian food, which excludes onions, potatoes, garlic, and most of the root vegetables. It can be pretty hard to come by in Kolkata and even if you do there only very few places which serve really good Jain food in Kolkata. These are some of the must-go places if you wish to eat or even try out Jain Food in Kolkata.


Located opposite Quest Mall, Nawwarah has two separate floors. The restaurant itself is on the ground floor, while the first floor houses a beautiful lounge with colourful Rajasthani décor. The lounge area is only for titbits and hookah. The restaurant itself serves some of the best North-Indian food in town along with other cuisines such as Chinese and Italian. The fan favourites here are masala chai ice cream, dal makhana and spring rolls. Personally, we love the garlic naan and the kadai paneer. We would love to keep our favourite dessert as a surprise for whenever you choose to visit, just ask your waiter for a milky way and enjoy!

Pocket pinch: INR 1000 for two.

Address: 48A Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Ballygunge.


Fly Kouzina

One of the most interesting restaurants on this list, Fly Kouzina is themed like the inside of an aeroplane. You can enjoy continental, north Indian and Chinese cuisine here. The fan favourites here are the Brownies, Orange Mojito and the crepes. Our personal favourite here is the tandoori malai broccoli.

Pocket pinch: INR 1100 for two.

Address: AD-73, Near BD Market Bus Stop, Sector 1, Salt Lake City.


Hakuna Matata

The only all-vegetarian restaurant in Park Street which serves global Fusion cuisine with Jain and vegan options. The best Jain foods here are the tandoori panini, guacamole puchka, chickpea masala enchiladas and desi saag risotto. From reading some of the names you can understand how you unique this place is when it comes to Jain cuisine, some of which might also leave you non-vegetarians mouth-watering. Our favourite desserts here are the nolen-gur cheesecake and dark chocolate explosion.

Pocket pinch: INR 800 for two.

Address: 12D Park Street, Ground Floor.


Bombay Shiv Sagar 

This is an iconic hub for Jain food in Kolkata. It is well known for its legendary Chinese Bhel and American Chopsuey. Our recommendation for your visit however, would be the mouth-watering Pav Bhaji and the Pineapple King for dessert.

Pocket pinch: INR 650 for two.

Address: 22 Camac Street, Pantaloons building, Block B, First Floor.


Nick ‘n’ Nack 

One of the most famous street corners in Kolkata, situated in Bhawanipur, Nick ‘n’ Nack was originally a well-known convenience store where you get some of the most exquisite food and drinks not available anywhere else. Recently, it has become a go to place for the students of the nearby schools and colleges as well as the locals looking for Jain fast food. The unanimous decision when it comes to what to order is the Cheese Wai Wai and the Burger, but if you’re looking for Jain food in Kolkata, the sandwich and the momos are the best.

Pocket pinch: INR 200 for two.

Address: 4A Roy Street, Elgin.


Baati Chokha 

This restaurant is named after the well-known Rajasthani Dish which is the closest you can come to the real deal in a restaurant in Kolkata. It is situated in Sector 3, Salt Lake and the décor is that of the Rajasthani hut , a small poor-mans house made of mud and straw with lippankam or mud-mirror work. An interesting fact about this place is they serve you in a typical Rajasthani way. Besides the Baati Chokha, the Sattu Parantha, Dahi Bhindi and Bhatti Paneer are to die for.

Pocket pinch: INR 600 for two.

Address: FD-14, Sector 3, Salt Lake City.


Kaidi Kitchen 

Another themed restaurant on this list, Kaidi Kitchen is themed like a prison. You can enjoy your meal from behind the bars roleplaying as a ‘kaidi’. The waiters themselves are dressed as jailers. The cuisine here is North Indian, Chinese, Thai and many more. However my recommendations for the place would be the Burmese Khow Suey, the cheese fondue, mini-tacos and the tandoori maharani platter.

Pocket pinch: INR 1300 for two.

Address: 12A Camac Street, Usha Kiran building, First Floor. 



This is a family restaurant located in Paddapukur. The place is very homely and serves delicious North – Indian food. The Masala Kulcha, Nargisi Kofta and Darsaan with ice-cream are only a few of the amazing food available here. It has some of the best service and is a good place to visit if all your family is in town.

Pocket pinch: INR for two.

Address: 1C Madhav Chatterjee Street, Paddapukur.


If you are a Jain, this is a list of the best places to eat in Jain food in Kolkata besides your mother’s home cooking. Also, if you’ve never been a fan of Jain or even vegetarian food, these places just might be able to change your mind!


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