The One-Stop Football Jersey Shopping Destination For All Football Fanatics


Bengalis are just crazy about sports especially about football. Whether it be a game between East Bengal & Mohun Bagan or English Premier League or Spanish Premier League or World Cup, they love to buy football jersey of their favourite teams and support for them. And to find out just how crazy people are about football jerseys, we paid a visit to Maidan Market believed to be the largest sports goods market in Asia.

It has stalls that sells jerseys of football teams in keeping with the world fever. Once you enter the market , you can find stalls full of World Cup football jerseys. The sellers urge you to buy from them like “ you won’t find  better quality than this in the market”.


This is one shop that you must visit if you ever go to Maidan Market.  They sell football jerseys of all major World Cup Football teams from Argentina to England. Apart from that , they also sell  jerseys of club football teams from Manchester United to Barcelona . They are available at an affordable price range of Rs – 150 /- Rs.200/-.


This shop located in Maidan Market claims to be the best shop in the entire market. They sell  good quality jerseys of football world cup teams as well as club football jerseys. One can find jerseys of major football teams here. The price ranges from Rs. 150 /- to 280/-.

Jolly Sports

Jolly Sports is another shop that you must visit in  Maidan  Market. A variety of football World Cup team football jerseys are available here with a price range of Rs. 350 – Rs. 400. The people selling jerseys there claims that “you would not find better quality football jerseys anywhere in the market than this” which shows the level of confidence they have in their products. Their prices are also expensive than the rest of the market with Rs. 350 – 450  /- as the price range.

Those looking to shop from street sellers  need not be disappointed as there are a number of street sellers on the footpath outside the market who also sells  World Cup Football jerseys as well as club football jerseys. The price here varies according to the sellers and so does the quality.

Whether it be the stalls inside the market or on the streets, Maidan Market has something for everybody.With just a few days remaining for the conclusion of the World Cup 2018, it’s time that you get yourself a jersey of your favourite team and cheer for them to win the cup .


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