Juicy Burgers, Creamy Pastas, Freak Fries & lots More! Mr. Fat Bird Is All Set With It’s New Menu #TheBirdHasLanded


The Bird flies around the world!
After getting his passport & visas, earlier this year Mr Fat Bird set out on a trip around the world to explore different cuisines and flavours!
From hours at the broth learning about Pastas in Italy to exploring the busy streets of New York for the perfect burger, to the lanes of Mexico for the perfect spices, Mr Fat Bird travelled, learned and mastered the art and is now back in Kolkata busy at his kitchen, preparing the finest dishes for you!

Having served more than 10,000 foodies after opening doors last year, Mr. Fat Bird is now opening its wings to welcome all with an added arsenal of Pastas, Wraps, Sandwiches and an array of global quality Burgers!

While the outlet continues to sell the #HouseSpecials Americal style fried chicken and the #BestFriedChickenBurgerofKolkata the new ones are set to die for!

Our Picks

  • Tandoori Naal Burger
  • Cheesy Chipotle Poppers
  • Zesty Chicken

Mr. Fat Bird’s Nest
Located bang at Park Circus 7 Point Crossing, Mr. Fat Bird has been a regular hang-out for students, office-goers and other chill-folks alike!

Why Fat Bird tho?
From MEMEs on the walls to hidden humour innuendos in the menu and props for the selfie addicts, Mr. Fat Bird is a haven for millennials, those 2000s Kids, socially awkward folks, geeks and YOU the awesome reader of this article.


The Bank of MFB!
And if that’s not all! Mr. Fat Bird is probably the only cafe in the world to have its own currency!

Yes, very own tender notes of 50, 100 & 500 that are cash-backs for customers walking in, redeemable on their future visits!


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