This Mother-Daughter Duo from Kolkata Have Been Spreading Love, Beauty & Health Through Their YouTube Videos


A Kolkata You-tuber with a social cause

While we have many You-Tubers in Kolkata, who showcase their talent in various ways, not many of them do it with a social cause in mind.

So, Team Beacon Kolkata was glad to catch up with a young, confident and determined mother-daughter duo Jyoti Jiya Love, who has fought against all odds and aim to spread awareness and inclusiveness in our city of joy through You-Tube in their own small way. They V-log about makeup tips, skin care, DIYs, cooking, blogging about their daily life (on public demand), etc. They also have an Instagram store where they sell affordable makeup and clothing.

Read on to see what makes them so special!

When and why did you start with YouTube

I started my YouTube journey one year back and have been lucky to get so many JIYOGIANS (subscribers).  Jiya, my 5yr old daughter was my major reason to start. She suffers from Hydrocephalus and meningocele; that has left her senseless in her legs. After her birth, I had no idea about these sicknesses and I was at a big loss of information. Now, after a few years of experience and getting educated on the matter, I wanted to share my limited knowledge with others who are maybe facing the same problem so that I can be of some help to them. 

I also wanted to show viewers how strong Jiya is and that is one reason why I try including her in all my videos, I want to show them that she too is capable of being a YouTuber. I wanted her to be social and not left out. I also make her help me in some things at home and I request everyone to treat her as normal as possible. I want her to feel good about herself. So, all this put together made me start this venture.

Tell us about Jiya

She is a total Rockstar. She is very smart, maintains herself very well, knows everything about makeup and loves making YouTube videos. She is strong enough to live with a shunt inside her and is aware that there have to be many more operations in her lifetime inspite of which, her strength and courage is admirable.

What reaction have you got from viewers?

I get a very good response from people. Some have told me that whenever they are upset, they like to watch Jiya’s videos, it cheers them up. Some appreciate me in the video but they want more of Jiya. On her birthday I received a ton of gifts just from viewers and they ranged from the smallest to the biggest gifts. She makes all the difference in the videos and I think that is where we stand out.

Beauty tips

My favorite Hair-mask for Silky smooth & Voluminous Hair:

Mix Aloe vera gel and Mustard oil in equal quantities; mix them thoroughly to make a fluffy mixture (you can use any other oil like coconut or Olive oil depending upon your choice) and apply it as a hair mask. Then leave it for minimum 20 minutes or overnight and wash it with your favorite shampoo or conditioner.

Quick Tip for Hair Styling:

Wash your hair and dry it one night prior to styling because hair holds heat styling much better when it’s not freshly washed & it will have a better texture for Styling.

Quick Hairstyle for sudden plans:

Apply Aloe vera gel on your Hair and Tie Braids and Leave for 10mints until the Aloe vera gel dries out then open your hair and you will have beautiful wavy curls ready for any outing or Special meetings. (Also use Hairspray to keep them in place for longer time)

Jiya is too cool and always manages to steal the show. You definitely owe her a subscription.



  1. Jyoti – Jiyu k liye jitna bola jaye kam hai, itni choti age me Jyoti ne jo kuch bhi face kiya hai, itna strongly wo taarif k kaabil hai ????
    Hats off Jyoti n Princess Jiyu k liye ????

  2. I’m reading this article now.. really Jyoti dii you are a fighter… Role model and a real person with pure heart.. Jiya will be healthy soon she is a wonder in YouTube.. we are really happy to have you both in our life’s. Jiya dear you are really a rockstar… We all jojians will pray for Jiya.. we love you a lot Jiya.. really I have no words to say anything.. my eyes filled with tears.. it’s not sympathy.. it’s becoz of seeing your strength and feeling very proud about you. Love you dii and Jiya lots n lots


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