There’s a Lane in Kolkata That’s Famous For Coffins – The Story of ‘Kaffan Gully’!


In our quest for the unusual in Kolkata, we have come across some unique things that have left us awestruck as well as bewildered but among the many interesting things that we have covered this one surely tops the list.

Did you know that we have a ‘kaffan gully’ in Kolkata? A street known for coffin makers! No, we are not talking about Naseruddin Shah’s recent accomplishment!

IMG20170317123458Well officially this narrow winding lane is called Bright Street but due to the presence of two ancient ‘kaffan’ shops located just opposite each other, the locals began calling this place ‘kaffan gully’.

When there is a death in the family, your mind seems to stop working and among all that grief you are not in the right state of mind to go fetching the necessary commodities for burial purpose.


So, this place is your one stop shop for all Muslim burial related needs and materials like the

Coffin, rose water, attar, incense sticks, lohban (myrrh), lota-thilya, soap, sandal, khelal, kapur, cotton, surma, fuller’s earth, bair ka patta, aahad nama, bandage, cloth, etc.

IMG20170317122410They even provide a person who washes the corpse. The entire package starts from Rs.2000 – Rs.8000. depending on the quality of materials used.

Many famous people’s coffin is the handiwork of the dedicated men from Kaffan Gully. Among them, Raja Kaffan Shop, had made the coffin for Altamas Kabir, the 39th Chief Justice of India, who expired early last month.


These two shops have stood strong for more than 100 years and they are open 24/7.



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