Here’s Your Chance To Discover This Lesser Known Kashmiri Cuisine – Kashmiri Pandit Food In Kolkata @ The Vedic Village


If you’re a foodie like us, what comes to your mind when we say Kashmir?
Devouring Rogan Josh while admiring the snow-capped mountains? Or maybe softly biting into all the mutton of the Wazwan while sipping Kahwa?

Hold up! What if we were to say that there’s an equally delectable side of Kashmiri cuisine that involves vegetables, whole spices and even fish!?

Yes, you read that right, we’re talking about Kashmiri cuisine of the Brahmin Kashmiri community. Probably the only Brahmin community in India who are non-vegetarians!

The cuisine

Their cuisine stresses on the usage of whole spices, ginger powder, fennel powder, hung curd and asafoetida as opposed to tomatoes, garlic and onions in the Wazwan.
Even the vessels used for cooking are normal steel for cooking and brass for tableware for Pandits, whereas it is copperware for Wazwan.

Fun Fact

Did you know that Kashmiri Hindus’ prasad offering at their most holy of holies, Shivratri puja, is a traditional dish piled high with rice, cooked lamb and fish, and a luscious raw fish in its entirety atop the pile?
Yeah! That definitely sounds like a typical Sunday meal for any Bengali household!

So here’s why we’re making you hungry through this post!

Now you can taste authentic Kashmiri Pandit food in Kolkata!

A slice of Kashmiri Pandit food in Kolkata

You don’t need to go to Kashmir to tickle your taste buds because Rajni Jinsi’s pop up – “ZAIKA KASHMIR KA” at the Vedic Village Spa Resort is bringing the uniqueness of Kashmiri Pandit cuisine to the table. A one-of-a-kind cuisine, Kashmiri Pandit food is not as easily available across the country as Wazwan, the more widely known Kashmiri meal.

When: 10th -12th November, 2017

Where: Vedic Village Spa Resort, Rajarhat

Pocket pinch: Rs.1450, a la Carte
Timings: Noon to 3pm/7pm to 11pm

For reservations, call 9674951211

About the chef

Rajni was born in a legendary Kashmiri Pandit ‘VESSUS’ Family; one of the seven Landlord [Jagirdar] families of Kashmir. She is a home chef brimming with passion and skill and takes pride in popularizing their unique cuisine. She prepares an extravaganza of Kashmiri Pandit recipes inherited from her mother.

About her pop up at Vedic Village

Rajni Jinsi’s menu will highlight both vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies for the festival. It includes exotic specialties like Nadur Moonj (Hand pounded lotus stems fried in exotic Kashmiri spices), Talith Gaad (Kashmiri style fried fish), Kabargah (Lamb ribs cooked in milk and blend of Kashmiri spices and fried), Nadur Yakhni (Lotus stems cooked in yogurt), Chok Wagun (Kashmiri Pandit style aubergines), Dum Aloo (baby potatoes in yogurt and asafoetida), Masch (Meat balls in subtle Kashmiri spiced sauce), Rogan Josh (the signature mutton dish of Kashmiris) to go with Bakarkhani, Sheermal and Modur Polav. For desserts there is the dry fruits mixture or Shufta and Phirni.

It’s time to move beyond Wazwan and treat yourself to the exotic gastronomic delight of Kashmiri Pandit food.


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