We Found Probably The Best Kathi Rolls in Kolkata! Kusum Rolls @ Park Street


Nizams might be the pioneers of kathi rolls in Kolkata, but Kusum Rolls at Park Street is undoubtedly the most popular kathi roll joint in town!

Rolls are mere eatables; Kathi Rolls in Kolkata are an emotion!

Tucked away quietly in a corner of Park Street, this legendary outlet has been in business for more than 40 years now. Located right next to The Park Hotel, you might miss this small outlet behind a large iron gate to your left, but you won’t miss the serpentine queues and the delectable aroma of the kebabs being roasted on skewers. Walk past the gate and into the gastronomical delight that is Kusum Rolls.

Kathi rolls in Kolkata are a popular meal-on-the-go and Kusum Rolls sell around 30 varieties of kathi rolls. The prices range from INR 30 for an egg roll to INR 220 for a plate of mutton kebabs. The deep fried golden paranthas are filled with a generous amount of your choice of filling, like chicken/mutton/paneer/cheese/vegetables (we chose chicken), eggs, sauces and onions and cucumbers bursting at the seams. These rolls are hard to resist, even if you are a fitness freak. The rolls are huge, but just the right size to satiate your hunger pangs at lunch. Their most popular dish is the egg chicken roll, and it’ll set you back by only INR 60!

This joint is frequented by office goers, students and street food lovers – vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. We Bengalis swear by our Kathi Rolls and Kusum  is an institution when it comes to authentic Kolkata street food.

 Where do you think you can get the best Kathi Rolls in Kolkata?

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