Kebab Gully of Kolkata – The City’s very own Kebab Paradise


The holy month of Ramadan – observed in our country and worldwide – is a period of great devotion and sacrifice. And while a day-long fast seems like a Herculean challenge given the heat in the city, the countdown to the grand day of Eid-ul-Fitr comes as the motivation to get one through the day.

And, much like any other festival in the city, the charm of its celebration lies in the build-up to it. So every evening, after Iftari, the lanes around Nakhoda masjid- the grandest most ornate mosque in the city, come alive with the bustle of shoppers and food lovers. And if you are a connoisseur of meat, trust us, this is where you need to be.

Why? Well, because the entire area around Nakhoda Masjid on Phears Lane, Zakaria Street and Colootola is dotted with numerous Kebab shops and that is the reason the lanes there have earned the title ‘Kebab Gully of Kolkata’.

Nakhoda masjid

Although the area is famous for the grand old eateries of Sufia, Bombay Restaurant and Aminia churning out delicacies throughout the year, the surrounding area is home to many Kebab shops that are nothing less than a legacy on their own. Here’s part 1 of the ‘Kebab Gully of Kolkata’ trail wherein we show you the variety of kebabs available at Kebab Gully in Kolkata and how they are prepared. Foodie Alert: Most of the kebabs are made out of Beef!

kebab gully kolkata


Boti Kebab:

The gosht (meat) is marinated in a mixture of spices and a ginger paste. The spice mixture is an age-old combination of clove, cardamom, black pepper and other spices. Once ready, the small pieces (Botis) are poked through a sheikh (skewer) and placed on an open charcoal bed for a slow grill.

kebab gully kolkata


Suta Kebab:

Like any other kebab, the Suta Kebab too is marinated in spices and then grilled on a bed of charcoal after placing on skewers. But the charm of the Suta Kebab is that the meat used in the kebab is mashed till it is almost minced and in order to hold the now texture-less minced meat on the skewer, it is bound lightly by strings (Suta) around the skewer which are removed before being served. The makers of Suta Kebab take deep amusement in explaining the fact that the inspite of placing the skewer on fire, the suta (thread) does not burn!

kebab gully kolkata

Preparation of Suta Kebab

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Gosht Dahi Kebab:

This is one of the most loved Kebabs out of all. In this, the meat is cut into small pieces and marinated with similar combinations of clove, cardamom and black pepper and then mixed with the paste of curd and cashew. This gives the Kebab the tanginess of the spice and the mildness brought in by the curd

kebab gully kolkata

Malai Kebab

This Kebab is made best from the meat of the raan or leg-piece. The portion of meat is then minced into a Keema and marinated with the malai of milk and other spices. The marinade is made such that the meat becomes like a thick paste. This paste is then wrapped around the skewer and barbecued on the charcoal. With years of experience at hand, the Kebab makers know the exact texture to give to the kebab before barbecuing it so that it sticks to the skewers and doesn’t fall into the charcoal!

kebab gully kolkata


Khiri Kebab:

This kebab is made from the portion of meat of the udder (khiri). The khiri is marinated with a mixture of spices and then cut into small pieces (botis). This is then put on skewers and placed on the charcoal bed. In some time, the meat turns brown and soft.

kebab gully kolkata


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